Xiaoyu wu's performance of' little woman under the sun door 'ends with praise for the new performance.

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Linkeddb News November 9by Jiacheng Liu Directed, Wenli Jiang , Ni Dahong , Hairong Tian , Xiaoyu Wu Starring in period drama Little woman under the sun door "Is coming to an end. Xiaoyu Wu's xu jingli has gained many fans with her intellectual and capable temperament, complimentary wisdom and brains. Her delicate and passionate performance has been well recognized by the audience.

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 Xiaoyu Wu's multi-identity seamless switch cooperative predecessor inheritance spirit

Xiaoyu Wu plays xu jingli, the most talented and beautiful of the six sisters. At home, she was the right hand of her parents, the virtuous wife of her husband and a good role model for her sister. In the company, she is a powerful woman, but also in the minds of employees can be a good boss. Xiaoyu Wu seamlessly cuts through multiple roles, with ease and ease. It perfectly combines the tenderness of a little woman with the talent and elegance of a big woman. The hard-working, simple, intelligent and kind-hearted characteristics of a generation of entrepreneurial women are fully displayed in front of the camera.

& have spent Xiaoyu Wu plays xu jingli, the daughter of xu huizhen (Wenli Jiang) and CAI quanwu (Ni Dahong), the three of whom have a large number of match-ups in the drama. Talk about the cooperation with level two halls doyen, Xiaoyu Wu said his own inner both excited and nervous, she said: "the show is a kind of heritage, heritage is not only the technique and method of performance, more important is an actor on the virtue of dribs and drabs, I again see builders from two teachers spirit, also confirmed he has been pursuing is right."

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Xiaoyu Wu is playing a lot of new roles

Xiaoyu Wu has played a lot of characters with complex hearts and distinct personalities since he started his career. From" Dark Blue "The drug addict who was led astray by his boyfriend." If the snail has love "The haughty and gloomy rich man's beauty. Surgical Storm "Special patient" liu ling and Xiaoyu Wu in the film fully use micro expressions, body language and spatial language to interpret the status of the characters, and create many female characters with rich emotional tension. Their excellent performance has been recognized by both the industry and the outside world.

& have spent Xiaoyu Wu is reportedly starring in the TV seriesDo you know if it should be green, red and thinShe plays Ming LAN ( Zhao Liying His best friend, the English lady zhang. Xiaoyu Wu, the powerful actor, will bring us more surprises.

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