Lou yixiao turns into a tender and loving friend.

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Star relationship news: the upcoming movie,"Love apartmentThe film's theme song, best friend by your side, was released todayZheng WeiWriting lyrics and composing music, the director used his fine brushwork to record the friendship between the backstage staff of "love apartment" for ten years. The singer of the theme songLou YixiaoA change of hu yifei's domineering person's setting, in the recording studio gentle singing, several leading actors and "love apartment" acquaintance, just confirmed the theme song title "best friends around".

"The most beautiful youth do not forget"Lou Yixiaotrue feelings reveal a love apartment 10 years friendship

"Best friend by your side" is the theme song for the movie by Zheng Wei, director of love apartment.Zheng Weiinfuses his love for love apartment into the lyrics of the theme song. "You're with me," each line tells the story of a "love apartment" between members who have known each other since they first met on the set of a TV series and since the movie was released ten years ago. In the video, Lou Yixiao, a former classmate of science, puts on a headset and sings in the studio. She also reviews the classic scenes of the four seasons "love apartment" and the six leading actors of the movieChen, He, Lou Yixiao,Jiajia Deng.,Sun Yizhou,Li Jiahang,Li JinmingThe scene of the reunion at the night of the film on weibo, coupled with the lyrical melody, is very emotional, and the friends of the leading actors who have not changed in a decade also cause the memories of fans to tumble.

& have spent "Best friend by your side," an intimate film by the apartment's members reveals the plot of the relationship

's attention to the small hen, a thin CP, Joe, Mika Nakashima CP relationship how progress is finally in the movie plot is revealed in the MV, son Joe arms Mika Nakashima escape from the danger zone, a small hen Philippines hang up the phone, and hand full of blood in the small hen eyes slowly close your eyes, in the "love apartment" movie, out of the apartment big adventure of the six people encounter any new stories, more curious. The film version of the assembled Chen, He "had little Yin", "hu fei" Lou Yixiao, "tang long" Jiajia Deng, "Lv Ziqiao" Sun Yizhou, "Da Zhangwei" Li Jiahang, "Vanessa Mae - jia Li Jinming, original regression, for their" love apartment "is not only a masterpiece, also witnessed the they ten years from 2008 to 2008 with the growth of each other's friendship. Not long ago, Jiajia Deng,Li Jinmingand meng Liu joinedLou Yixiaoin the background of the musical, helpingLou Yixiaocall for good sisters in Beijing. DirectorZheng Weialso appeared in the comments section ofJiajia Deng.and replied: "it's so good to see everyone marching forward together on the ideal road. Let's cheer together!" As a matter of fact, the co-founders of love apartment also have a close personal relationship with each other besides their work. They often go to work together in private parties.

Tencent pictures film "love apartment" by Shanghai culture communication co., LTD., Shanghai film (group) co., LTD., beep beep mile miles pictures (tianjin) co., LTD., lian rui pictures (Shanghai) co., LTD., Shanghai gog film and television production co., LTD., south pie pan entertainment co., LTD, huoerguos bully pictures co., LTD., production, Legendary film investment (Shanghai) co., LTD., Shanghai Oriental international movie and TV cultural communications co., LTD., Shanghai observatory equity funds co., LTD., nanjing time era of movie and TV cultural communications co., LTD., the sea culture transmission (Beijing) co., LTD., zhejiang hengdian studios co., LTD., huoerguos jyb industry co., LTD., Shanghai new polarizer film and TV culture co., LTD., tianjin cat's eye shadow culture communication co., LTD., Shanghai rings zoke culture communication co., LTD., tianjin city 58 shooted film and TV culture co., LTD., Shanghai zhi culture media co., LTD., HuoCheng forest used to culture media co., LTD, huoerguos lian rui pictures co., LTD The company, Beijing herui film culture co., LTD., and Beijing Crystal Jin wan investment management co., LTD., jointly produced by the company, will release the film nationwide on August 10 in the form of Chinese giant screen, dolby Atmos, 4DX and DTSX.

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