Wu qian (actress) autumn and winter fashion photo exposure cool and warm texture all shows multiple female charm

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Wu Qian (actress) has good temperament. JPG

Linkeddb News November 28& have spent Recently,Wu Qian (actress)Expose a group of autumn and winter fashion photo. In the camera, she wears a grey-and-white plaid suit coat, which is comfortable and comfortable without loss of chic and modern style. It is paired with a ginger turtleneck sweater and a Burgundy high-waisted halter skirt, and her retro warm dress shows the romantic texture of autumn and winter. She is also static also move, or be in black and white light shadow and lens look at each other communication, send out sometimes romantic sometimes languid lazy female light is familiar with glamour; Or show pure smile below warm department setting, be permeated with nifty clever girl breath.

Wu Qian (actress) photo. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) autumn and winter photo. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) exudes glamour. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) warm color photo. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) MUSES. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) smile pure. JPG

Wu Qian (actress). JPG

It is reported thatWu Qian (actress)starred in the series "novel". An Oriental Odyssey "In the heat of the broadcast, she played in the play chivalrous chivalrous, happy river's lake chivalrous woman ye yuan 'an. And partner Yujian Zhang " I only like you Partner,Z.T AO" The brightest star in the night sky Partner, Zhang Luyi " The world does not look at the face "Three TV series will also be broadcast, please look forward to.

Wu Qian (gainsbourg) eye-wave flutter. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) looks out the window. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) stares at the camera. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) is lazy in temperament. JPG

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