Jiang chaoliang's an oriental odyssey interprets the strange little brother as the exotic town.

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Linkeddb News November 16 & have spent By yesterday,Wu Qian (actress), Zheng Yecheng The ancient costume detective comedy An Oriental Odyssey "Officially opens the door to the exotic state of saola. Jiang Chaoliang "Soul creek", as the character of saola, drew many viewers once it was released, but although the appearance level online, but the little brother's.

Jiang Chaoliang. JPG

In order to find mu le's "yuan 'an" and come to saola state alone, "ling xi", which is played by Jiang Chaoliang, becomes yuan an's "mentor" and successfully enters the palace of salo under his guidance. Take a blue bat with you and use this bat as your "baby" soul stream. After that, he made the mouse fungus soup for yuan 'an himself, which made the audience even more embarrassed. He drank the poisonous bacteria soup himself and was beaten and saved by yuan 'an violently. Although ling xi has all kinds of strange taste, but is full of jokes, it is expected to follow a wonderful story.

Yuan 'an and lingxi. JPG

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