Convinced! this movie of the ex-boyfriend series refreshes my cognition

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The film "My spy ex-boyfriend" was viewed on October 16 at the Hong Kong film festival in Hong Kong by a wide group of Internet users. In starsister's opinion, it is a movie with a strong name. With the curiosity of killing the cat, star sister went to check the information.

My spy ex - boyfriend

The film, directed by Susanna Fogel, stars: Mila Kunis, Kate Mike kinnon, Justin Theroux, Sam shea, velma Sussex and more. The film tells the story of Audrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate McKinnon) two girlfriends, because spy identity of Audrey's former boyfriend, accident was involved in an international conspiracy, they began to killer wits with you, in a suspicious but charming British agent, the implementation of plans to save the world, in the continent thrilling to cay international flight trip again.

Audrey didn't wait for her boyfriend's surprise gift on her birthday, but received a surprise text message. In a fit of rage, Audrey and her best friend Morgan set fire to her boyfriend's stuff. It wasn't long before someone from the cia came to her and told her that her boyfriend was a spy. Then her boyfriend came back, and within three minutes of meeting her, the killer tracked her down. Eventually, the boyfriend was killed. Before dying, the boyfriend left a gold-plated portrait. In order to fulfill her boyfriend's wishes, Audrey and her best friend Morgan embarked on the road of espionage...

Of course, the star did not go to see the film, to retain her voice. So what was the feedback from the little stars who watched the movie?

Green mountains and rivers:

"My spy ex - boyfriend very funny comedy, action movies, funny super spy collocation handsome ex-boyfriend, shooting, motorcycle racing, particularly fascinating, let a person staring eyes, the plot is very compact, scene is very shocked, it also has some: feeling, the Russian gymnastics spy little sister is handsome enough, and the second acrobatic fighting of that paragraph of wonderful.

Netizen # Yang:

Thanks to My star sister's grace, I watched a screening of an American film called My spy ex-boyfriend. 2D, no glasses, clear captions, plot twists, and super funny. These years special agent comedy full of variety, alone this pair of gun female special agent play new pattern, the rhythm is good, scenery is good. Even if I have seen a very good pure Hollywood comedy in the cinema in recent years, I would not hesitate to give five stars.

The net friend # LUCKYGIRL:

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to see the screening of My spy ex-boyfriend, thanks to the opportunities offered by star relations. Rhythm in The movie, a quick reversal, dense highlight The punchline blew up The atmosphere of The scene, The fans joke, continuous applause, The scene atmosphere climax several degrees, action scenes as "The Bourne Identity", a romantic feminist comparable "Thelma & Louise", is too great, The director successfully action and funny piece together, very good. In recent years, the rise of domestic films has led to a lot less Hollywood movies, which is still nostalgic for the past. I hope that the telecom bureau should also master the balance, properly introduce works worthy of reference, and create high-quality and good films popular at the same time.

The film will be released on October 19 the day after tomorrow. If you are interested, you can go to the cinema to have a look!

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