Yang rong (actress-writer)' i am the actor

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Linkeddb News October 31& have spent After the wonderful duel of challenging the actors, "I am an actor" on zhejiang TV ushered in a more cruel competition of tutors on the evening of October 28.Yang Rong (actress)Back on stage with Chun Li , Lu Hai To deduce" Youth ", as the challenging little ping he,

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With her breakthrough performance, the audience can see her progress and persistence. & have spent

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Yang Rong (actresproduced by actresss)The Harem, LHer performance in the film was controversial, and although she had a brilliant performance at times, she was still dissatisfied with and blamed for her small flaws in the casting. Yang Rong (actress-actress) also revealed on the spot that she had been persuaded by a friend to withdraw after qualifying. In order not to leave the regret, finally decided to muster the courage to return to the stage, emotional play he xiaoping, will be helpless, scared, innocent performance of the incisively and vividly, with actual action in response to the previous promotion controversy.


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