Having had an affair with stephen chow aaron kwok, she now has pictures of her family and her long legs.

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Worked with Stephen Chow Aaron Kwok Gossip, now the family photo, full screen long legs

Christy Chung Hong Kong Chinese actress. He was born in Montreal, Canada on September 19, 1970, and graduated from the university of Quebec, Canada.

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Joined the entertainment industry in 1993 by running for miss international Chinese in Hong Kong. Renyuchuanshuo "Went viral. In 1999, FHM was named Asia's sexiest woman in 2000. At the time, Christy Chung was also known in the media as "sex goddess." And then she and Andy Lau , Stephen Chow, Jackie Chan , Leslie Cheung And many other industry leaders have collaborated with her Jet Li The cooperation "zhongnanhai bodyguard" makes Christy Chung's career even more advanced.

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In 2013, esquire revealed a group of photo shoots by Christy Chung for the magazine. Sexy goddess " Christy Chung shows us a cool, sexy and charming goddess again. Meanwhile, netizens have dubbed her the sexiest woman alive.

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But Christy Chung's feelings were troubled. When her career hit 27, she was rumored to be working with Stephen Chow on "97 good things". She did a music special with Aaron Kwok, and it was revealed that the two had been in love, but nothing happened. As early as 1998, she married Glen Ross, a foreign husband, but their four-year marriage ended in divorce. She raised her daughter Yas on her own Mobile identification number e Ross. In 2004, she met again Jon Yen Into the palace of marriage, two lovely daughters Jaden and My Friend Cayla . However, the marriage did not escape the seven-year itch, as Jon Yen was unfaithful and divorced. After two failed marriages, the "sex goddess" of the past has not been beaten by life, still believe in love.

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Christy Chung in 2015 Shawn Zhang Co-host if you love love will come in time was spotted in Hong Kong in early June wearing a couple to the top of the mountain. People also ask When meeting the media in Hong Kong with Shawn Zhang, I was generous in confirming my relationship. Shawn Zhang and Christy Chung hold their wedding ceremony in Beijing on nov 8, 2016. The "sex goddess" eventually meets the right person. He was willing to raise three daughters for her, and she wanted to give him a son. "Mermaid couple" often appeared together, as if they could not prevent a sprig of dog food.

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Recently, Christy Chung posted a picture of her family on her microblog, hoping that our lovely family will continue to be happy and happy. A family visit to Hong Kong Disneyland, wearing a Disney hair hoop, the picture of the two daughters more and more alike, the screen full of long legs really attracted the eyes.

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The net friend expresses in succession: year after year like this, year after year now, happy mutually guard a lifetime.

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