Yinzi's first time in hand with Yuan Bing Zhu's love song "Yao" on the line

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For the first time, Yin Zing Zhu and Yang Bing Zhu sang the love song “嘘” on the line

For the first time, the creative talented woman Yin Zing Zhu was first handed over to Yuan Bing Zhu, and the first chorus love song “Yu” was formally launched. The love song with a slightly fashionable element like Nian Bai not only gave the fans a deep crit, but also caused a cool summer. The songs were written by Yin Zingyue and Yuan Bing Zhu. Yin Ziyue served as a producer and once again demonstrated his creative talents.

The unique original genre of "Cockroach" blends trend elements and slow-talking rappers, perfectly demonstrates its unique style, and brings out R&B and fashion elements. In the entire song recording process, the month of India took only one and a half hours and completed her part perfectly, while Yuan Bing Zhu's Rap followed. The two people express their emotions in perfect cooperation to meet the high standards of the production team.

How many words on the phone are insincere, how many words are misplaced, one party has already gathered up the courage to set aside the phone, perhaps because of face, perhaps it is not the right time, or perhaps the two have long had tacit approval. A “cockroach” is like the secret code of two people in love. It is like making the world noisy and silent. It only listens to the true voice of the heart. As an excellent young singer in the Chinese music scene, Yin Ziyin has already made popular songs such as “Lent” and “I will be good” and become an outstanding representative of the post-90s musicians. This time, the first cooperation with Yuan Bing Zhu was universally acknowledged by fans. It can be said that regardless of the trend of R&B or the creation of traditional love songs, India and China are all in control. Its unique creative talents and novel expressions have been recognized by fans and have become an undeniably new force.

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