Zhiwei birthday party: sing a new song as “fan club”

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Star connection news: August 8, Zhiwei The 24th birthday party was held in Beijing with the theme of "my" wei-lai style ". There was not only a new song "not far away forever", but also a lot of "love monster", and we spent a warm and happy time together.

Zhiwei sings a song to thank his fans for their company

Zhiwei opened the festival with a stunning vocal performance of his latest single, "never far," which he co-wrote, as a gift to his fans for their long companionship, a promise he made to them at last year's birthday party. Apart from the help of fans, Zhiwei's star friends, such as John Wayne , Li Jinming , Peng Yuchang , Wu Qian (actress) Zhang haochen and others recorded VCR video and gave their blessings to it. The host could not help but sigh Zhiwei's good popularity.

As to why the birthday party was named "my 'wei' style",Zhiweisaid on the one hand, he thanked the fans for their devotion and hoped that he could accompany each other to meet more challenges in the future. On the other hand, the movie version starring Zhiwei Love apartment It was his birthday present.

Zhiwei incarnates the "fan fanfan" on the scene "fan"

In order to give back to his fans' support for a long time,Zhiweihad a close interaction with his fans on site. He performed the lion roar and seaweed dance in hedong without any idol burden. After the game,Zhiweitried to satisfy his fans' wishes. His boyfriend, li extraordinary, staged a princess hug. Not only that, he also compared with the fans heart selfie, personally made toys, fans crazy power authentication.

At the end of the party,Zhiweiread his fans' wishes on the spot. Many fans wept on the spot.Zhiweisaid that he will remember the encouragement and support of every fan and will definitely give back to you with better works in the future. In a warm atmosphere, the birthday party finished its curtain perfectly, looking forward to more excellent performance ofZhiweiin the future.

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