Yuanyuan zhao attends the' show on trend night 'of the launch ceremony of' ginger chao 'magazine

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Linkeddb News October 19 & have spent Recently, the actor Yuanyuan Zhao Yuanyuan Zhao was dressed in a simple white evening gown at the opening ceremony of the Japanese magazine GINGER chao, which showed off her graceful figure and cute, quiet and beautiful fishbone ponytail. Yuanyuan Zhao's fresh and refined temperament and handsome figure have attracted the attention of numerous people and media, attracting countless eyeballs. "" there will be soon," "Yuanyuan Zhao said at the scene when the festival entered Feng Xiaogang Directed and produced Sword dynasty "Meet you, is a very very good work, hoped everybody can many attention!"

It is reported that GINGER fashion magazine has joined hands with F A S H I O N E E K T O K Y O to enter China and inject fresh blood into the Chinese fashion circle. Japan's GINGER magazine, founded in 2009, is A high-end fashion magazine for women under the brand of magic donghue in Japan Satomi Ishihara , Yui Aragaki , Mirei Kiritani Waiting for a group of goddesses to shoot a magazine blockbuster. The upcoming Chinese edition of GINGER chao continues this concept with a greater focus on Chinese personalities as they explore the path of "correct self-perception". The festival was also invited on the dayPiece of send cool too, Hu Bingqing Wait for a crowd of Chinese and Japanese stars.

& have spent This time, Yuanyuan Zhao showed her fashionable side, and let the public see her infinite possibility and changeable charm. Her future as an actress has been even more remarkable, including an interview in which Feng Xiaogang's "Sword dynasty", an ancient costume drama supervised by director Feng Xiaogang, plays a female chief who is cold and beautiful. Also in the Yang Wenjun Director, Luo Jin , Li Yitong Starring in the costume dramaCrane Li Huating"Played the role of" song Lord ". in Baogang Zhao The youth encouragement TV drama directed by the director Youth "As the artist and beauty" summer ". Let's look forward to more excellent performance of Yuanyuan Zhao in the future.

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