Allen Lin's wife cuts long hair for three thousand for whom to stay

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On May 20th, Allen Lin 's wife, Chinese people in Spain , posted a group of haircut pictures on the Weibo, with the words “Long hair is for love”. Originally, Allen Lin's wife, Chinese people in Spain, lost her long hair for many years and donated it to cancer patients. Once this matter was sent out on Weibo, it won the support of the majority of netizens and they all liked this behavior of the Chinese people in Spain. Ancient women look like fatalities. Today, although we have no ancient feudal ideas, losing the long hair that accompanied us for many years does require determination and courage. Many netizens said that the short hair of Lin Biao is still beautiful and charming, and its style is as old as before.





Allen Lin, a Mainland Chinese actor and singer. host. He released his first album " Love Bird " in 1993 and released his debut album. Afterwards, he released many albums and was active on various stages. Chinese people in Spain was once a supermodel and won The runner-up was in the United States in Flower City, but since she married Allen Lin, she has withdrawn from the entertainment circle and is home to her husband.

Allen Lin was the first to fight in Guangzhou. Allen Lin is Lin Fang. During this period, he met his first wife, Huang Wei. For this romance, Huang Dad holds an opposing attitude, but Huang Hao has looked for Allen Lin and the two have a low-key marriage. In the process of love between the two, Huang Xiao, who is already well known, gave Allen Lin financial help in his career. However, after the release of Allen Lin's album “Love Bird”, the two’s feelings have undergone some changes. Eventually the two ended in divorce. Both of them did not deny this marriage history. Today's Huang Wei has already withdrawn from the music circle and is unwilling to mention it again.


Allen Lin and his wife, Chinese people in Spain, met in 1994. In 1995, Allen Lin married Chinese people in Spain. Today, Allen Lin and Chinese people in Spain have two handsome sons. In 2015, Allen Lin's family of four photos was exposed. The photos are full of happiness. Allen Lin married his wife for more than twenty years and was very happy and loving. Allen Lin's eldest son is called Zhang Linzi , who has participated in Hunan Satellite TV's " Metamorphosis. " Because the cold outside the heat is called "high cold Prince", his youngest son is a learning tyrant. Allen Lin's two sons were studying in foreign universities. They saw two handsome sons who were sunshine. Netizens said that they must be married women. How can such a high-value family not envy people?






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