The perfect restaurant' premiered yesterday as a talent store manager, fiona sit.

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Linkeddb News November 5& have spent The long-awaited reality TV show "the perfect restaurant" finally aired yesterday, and the entrepreneurial journey of eight young role models kicked off. Fiona Sit , Naomi ,Zi-xuan li, Ivy Chen withChen Li - nong,Huang Minghao,The prince vision,YouChangJingI run my own rice barn restaurant and taoyuan restaurant respectively in wuzhen village of wuzhen. On the first day, the girl team led by Fiona Sit, director of the new cute store, not only indulged in dancing and ignored customers, but also carried out a fierce battle with the boy team. But with Fiona Sit's business genius, the day's sales were strong enough to keep viewers excited about their next trip to the perfect restaurant.

Fiona Sit

Fiona Sit

In the first episode, Fiona Sit, the store manager, was actually a cute new person with no restaurant experience. Although it is in "a face of meng force" to the manager, but Fiona Sit quickly adapt to the role, not only for Naomi, zi-xuan li, Ivy Chen, the employees in the division of work quickly, also with their lovely action to welcome ready, even in order to attract customers to open the audio, opened up a hot dancing, but Buddha system such as Fiona, indulge dance but narrowly missed the customer, can't help to shout "it's so cute!" .

Fiona Sit

Although the girls' team's rice cang restaurant is busy, there is still a lot of joy in the face of the boys' team's constant "provocation". When Fiona Sit, the store manager of the buddhist department, learned that the boys' team was going to borrow the baby chair, she said "we don't borrow it, we rent it" and won praise from her teammates. In order to meet the needs of customers to borrow the charging line, she had an idea and borrowed a charger from another table of customers, and returned it with juice. It turns out that Fiona Sit, who seems to be a very buddhist, is fully motivated by her business talents when she encounters problems with her business interests.

The chef who can't be a good waiter is not a good store manager, and Fiona Sit's heartwarming service is equally heartwarming. When Ivy Chen ordered the customers at the first table, she kept making supplements silently beside her and took photos for them. When mothers-to-be come in for dinner, Fiona Sit's thoughtful reminder that "hot meals are more comfortable to eat"; Near closing time, encountered in the rain to patronize the guests, she still chose warm hospitality, such a witty warm heart Buddha department lovely store manager, you deserve.

In fact, Fiona Sit is a real, cute and talented person just like the show. Over the years in the entertainment industry, she has been doing what she likes naturally, writing songs, singing, acting, and even launching her own personal fashion brand across the board Drainage It is such a talented girl who is willing to work hard for something she likes that she has captured the hearts of her fans.

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Fiona Sit

In "the perfect restaurant," said Fiona Sit faded artist halo, incarnation, catering entrepreneurs will complete food, restaurant food research and development, the clean of choose and buy, and even cooking food, service customers, settlement accounts, such as the work, and her as the captain of the girls' team, and sure to how he will be on the show and growth, the ability of staged a series of warm and funny story? Let's find out in the next programme! & have spent

Fiona Sit


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