“fierce break sphere”, ruolin tutor, eye-catching su qianwei, acting as a teacher.

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Linkeddb News October 25 TV series of the same name adapted from popular online writer tiansilkworm tudou Fights Break Sphere The show is nearing the end of its run. The show is highly regarded in terms of its subject matter, production and production. In the play, she plays the only female mentor of Canaan college, joleen Su Qianwei To young siu yan ( Lei Wu He has been given a lot of help in the process of growing up, and his "mentor" performance, which is composed and composed, has won much praise.

 Ruolin supervisor wenwu shuangquan & tuo; Get the name "protector"

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Since its inception, the series has been popular, and its audience rating is among the highest in the country. Ruolin mentor, played by suqianwei, a hard-nosed young actor, has become a hot spot of discussion among the young audience for the show's teacher-student scenes with xiaoyan, xiao xuner and others. In the play, xiao yan and other "yan gang youth" keep fighting and upgrading, as the only female tutor of Canaan college, ruolin gives a lot of help to the youth. The director Yu Rongguang It is also the guidance that scriptwriter wants to make for the growth of young people.

& have spent Not only in the teaching of the literary play has a hand, the level of the da dou master if Lin mentor force value not to be underestimated, the shooting of the play is also a point. Su Qianwei said on weibo that a seemingly handsome and neat action scene actually took many times to polish NG. With the development of the plot, the tenderness and understanding of ruolin tutor Su Qianwei also gradually appeared. When necessary, he helped the students with ease. He is a man of integrity and courage who can stand up to defend students at critical times.

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 Su Qianwei role breakthrough & NBSP; Net user calls "like little dragon lady"

The part of ruolin mentor is a continuation and a challenge for Su Qianwei. Previously, Su Qianwei was on "" scruffy" " WuYueChuanQi "" Fox ", "new snow leopard" and other different types of drama have contributed to the outstanding performance, especially as the role of ah zhao in "fengyun" is well known to the public. As one of the few female characters in the costume drama, Su Qianwei first tried the role of mentor in the fantasy martial arts drama, against the "stupid white sweet" performance, fully demonstrating the "representation of female power".

& have spent During the hot broadcast of bering Break Sphere, the shape of ruolin's mentor became a big controversy. In fact, Su Qianwei's temperament outside the play is intellectual and gentle, with its small face and delicate features in sharp contrast to the style of the play. Even eagle-eyed netizens found out that Su Qianwei and "little dragon lady" Carman Lee It looked like a sister face, which was laughed off by the veteran Su Qianwei. On the performance, Su Qianwei always insisted on protecting the "purity" of the play, "the play is no big or small, delve deeply into every role and refuse impetuosity".

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