Nicholas Tse Send Jay Chou Tea Jay Chou Don't dare to drink? Netizen: The routine is too deep...

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Nicholas Tse sent Jay Chou milk tea Jay Chou did not dare to drink? User: The routine is too deep...... On the evening of June 20th, Nicholas Tse sung a picture with Jay Chou, Harlem Yu and sent a photo saying: “Milk tea gives You drink, and the champion wins me.” The three people in the photo are smiling and very harmonious. It is reported that Harlem Yu, Jian Li , Jay Chou, and Nicholas Tse will together record the third season of “The New Song of China”.



"China's new song" in the third quarter of the press conference, really laughter again and again. At the press conference, Nicholas Tse sent Jay Chou milk tea and wanted to chase champion coaches. Nicholas Tse said: Drink this cup of tea and you will win again next year. At the time of hearing this, Jay Chou stated that he would not drink or drink. Seeing this, a lot of netizens said: The routine is too deep and the two are too skinny...



The mentor team of the “New Chinese Songs” in the third quarter was composed of Harlem Yu, Jian Li, Nicholas Tse, and Jay Chou. The new combination of four people was kindly called the new F4 by netizens. The third quarter of "China's New Song" premiered on July 13. The third quarter of "China's New Song" added many points of interest to the country, returning to the swivel chair mode and adding the mirror function of the country. Students can announce their favorite instructors in advance before playing. When the students sing, their favorite teacher's expression will be placed on the mirror so that they can observe their favorite mentors.



The third quarter of the "Chinese New Song" game system has also changed, a change in the past students one by one went to the stage singing mode. On the contrary, the mentors can get the students to play the singing list. According to the songs, the students who are ordered to come to the stage to sing. It can be seen that the third quarter of "China's new song" increased the look and suspense, looking forward to the third quarter broadcast!


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