Wang baoqiang's new love affair? netizen teases: the baby is deceiving, this is two good play!

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Wang Baoqiang New love? Netizen teases: the baby is deceiving, this is two good play!

Recently, the media photographedWang Baoqiangtaking his child home with a tall woman, the son of Wang Baoqiang Wang Zihao Very close, looking quite familiar. The woman went to bao-qiang's home to take off the skirt suit and change into household pants, and he walked after dinner until late at night, it seems that has moved into the man's home. Previously,Wang Baoqiangwas pictured taking his child to watch the drama with the woman. Wang Baoqiang's new love affair? Netizens exploded, and opinions varied.


"Wang Baoqiang is happy. Bless ah, hope this girl true love treasure strong."


In 2016,Wang Baoqiangannounced on weibo that he was divorcing his wife. Since the divorce announcement,Wang Baoqiangand Ma Rong The divorce became a topic of discussion among netizens after tea. Later,Wang Baoqiangsued his wife, Ma Rong, for divorce. It wasn't until 2018 that the verdict was reached onWang BaoqiangMa Rong's divorce case. The trial ended the marriage, withWang Baoqiangraising his son andMa Rongraising his daughter.


However, there is a lot of support from netizens for the exposure of the new love affair: the new love is normal, the mother of all children can cheat in marriage, and the new love is normal after the divorce, I hope he can find a person who is really good to him. After all, he brings so many people happiness, may every kind person will be waiting for the world.


At the same time, a netizen said, "Wang Baoqiang has schemes, relies on public opinion to express sympathy, looks ugly to look for again, does not think about the child and so on."


Recently, Huang Bo Directorial debut A good show Wang Baoqiang, one of the main actors in the series, called it a "new love affair".



Wang Baoqiang's new love affair? The client, Wang Baoqiang, has yet to respond. Whether the new relationship is real or not is unknown.Wang Baoqianghas been a popular actor in every cast and crew. He achieved his achievements today by acting instead of looks. The editor also hopes to give the star some privacy and pay more attention to his work.


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