Rollin wang's earnest single “i don't ask you” is back in the spotlight.

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Linkeddb News November 22 & have spent A singer Rollin Wang The new single "not you don't ask" has received a lot of attention and created a lot of splash. Songs swept through the front page of music platform, quickly occupied the popular recommendation of various channels, and the online click volume exceeded one million within a few days. A large number of discussion posts appeared on websites and BBS, leading to hot discussion. This new music is no longer like the previous "divine music" with the bold styling and brainwashing melody as selling points, but returned to the original melody pleasant and catchy. Rip off the label of "diva", Rollin Wang used the new song to show the audience that he did not forget his original heart.

Rollin Wang has an innate music talent, and her voice, with a wide range and special tone, is both magnetic and recognizable, making her one of the best in the mainland. In terms of music, she not only performs, writes and composes, but also arranges, harmonizes and creates music. It makes the song full of her personal colors, and stands out in a crowd of songs. During the performance, Rollin Wang also did a lot of emotional and detailed processing of the song. In terms of inflection and emotion, he considered it very delicate, and handled the emotion of the song word by word, making the song that returns to the eternal topic of love truly moving. & have spent

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The song "not you do not beg" shows the same "rong style" style as the golden songs such as "father, mother" and "oh". It pays attention to the overall arrangement of music, with obvious melody and rhythm points, and adds many special auxiliary sounds and harmonies. The content of the lyrics focuses on words and expressions. By virtue of his excellent singing ability and excellent performance, Rollin Wang perfectly interpreted this romantic love song of business activity. Rollin Wang gets rid of the label's earnest effort to sing sincerity and love to everyone.

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