Super bowl singer Kris wu's new album is removed off iTunes shelves . Ariana Grande's agent criticized he is using bots

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Linkeddb News November 8 On the morning of the 6th, Chizi  told to super bowl singer Kris Wu Fans: Stop boting the list," This hot topic that has been trending on China's twitter-like microblogging service Weibo. As a guest on a talk show, Chizi was also very bold.  He told to Kris Wu fans, when he was busy others every day to persuade them to be kind, he even sent a message on his microblog to "kindly" remind Kris Wu fans not to bot the list, so he would never know his real music level and could never step forward. What a smart remark.


Why did Chizi taunt Kris Wu on the show? Starting on November 2, an unfamiliar name appeared on the music list in the us section of iTunes Kris Wu. At the same time, his new album download strength pressure a-mei, Lady Gaga As well asQueen (band).


Fans in the United States have been caught up in the unlikely name, asking "who is Kris Wu" on social media. Next, sister A's agent Scooter Braun In a tweet,Kris Wupointed the finger at him for using the ranks. Following the news, us netizens dissKris Wuon social media and music BBS: "Kris Wu, Kris Who?" Some fans even reported to fake lists, calling for improved ranking system.


As things get worse, Kris Wu's new album is coming off the shelves, sister A Ariana Grande 'Thank U, Next' tops iTunes in the us. This seems to be the first time that apple's iTunes has taken an artist's songs off the charts. In addition, sister A has also published an article by DISSKris Wuon the social networking platform thumb up. Well, the hate is growing, and not even the same club can stop the fire.

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On the other hand, Chinese talk-show actor Chizi taunt Kris Wu on a hot search. Speaking of Kris Wu, I don't know if it's pupular in a good or bad way. It is also possible that they are too handsome, otherwise, how to be the "King of hookup" in Canada? The fact that he was getting more and more angry did not affect his appointment.


After the storm followed the endorsement of xiaomi, although, some netizens howled that they did not want to buy the mi phone, lei jun had to lose a lot of "rice fans". But so far, xiaomi has not changed its face. Instead, lei jun, founder of the company, said that since Kris Wu's endorsement, xiaomi's female users have grown. Why did people become more and more popular after they were exposed as Canada's king of cannons instead of being defeated by public opinion? Star elder sister think, a word: handsome! Even "king of the gun", even if more than once by the peer late night song DISS the same flow. On July 26, liu fuyang, the third runner-up of the Chinese good song, openly defiedKris Wuand went straight to diss him. Every word in the lyrics is abhorrent, every sentence is sharp, if not the heart is strong enough, it can only be the end of the spurt.


In the same week,Kris Wu searched for 5A scenic spot due to various openings. A week in a row, with different people, on the hot search.


Such a compelling figure, his weibo must be very exciting. Xing jie took a look at it on her micro blog. Well, I'd rather not pay attention to it. Just have a look. His latest update was his new album Antares, which was released on his birthday on November 6. It was a special gift to him and a tribute to his fans for their support.


She found that in the comments section, many celebrity friends expressed their wishes for Kris Wu's birthday, but said few about the ranking news, only that they were going to listen to the new album. That means Kris Wuis still a pop star I hope he can bring you better works and give back to you.

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