Exploration' is waiting for yu bai jing-ru you to open the way of investigation.

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Co-produced by penguin and tandang culture, produced by Fat bear and exclusively broadcast by tencent video Exploration By August 30 in Shanghai. Chief producer li eryun, producer liu zhimin, fang just as well with the director Deng Ke , gao chung kai, liu hanyang and the leading actor Yu Bai , Jing ru You - , Chen Ji , Yongsheng He , Vicki , Yi Zhang, , Hagen Troy After more than three months of hard shooting in jiangsu and Shanghai, the cast and crew finally drew a perfect end to the media and fans' attention.

Yu Bai,Jing ru You -

"Exploration" visited Shanghai in the republic of China andYu Baijoined hands withJing ru You -to solve the mystery

Set in Shanghai during the republic of China period, "Exploration" tells the story behind the city's dancing and luxurious wealth, but it hides a number of strange cases that happen quietly when people are dreaming. Luo fei, played by Yu Bai, is an outlaw detective with high intelligence and a strange personality. Qin xiaoman, played by jing-ru You, is a hot blood policewoman with high combat value, while Benjamin, played by Chen Ji, is a cold forensic expert with both handsome appearance and talent. How do the three of them make up the iron triangle of solving crimes in the dangerous environment of the detection of surprise win, the number of crack cases? 'Exploration' has already made viewers eager for the show to begin soon after it was released. It can also be seen from the tidbits that have been exposed one after another. No matter in or out of the play, the interaction between several leading actors is very loving, showing the degree of tacit understanding.

In addition, Yongsheng He, Vicki, Yi Zhang,Hagen Troyand other powerful actors joined in, which further improved the quality of the play. As soon as the stills of the actors were released, they were immediately discussed by netizens. Inspector Inspector Javert is not angry, not evil and strict; Wang su su, the landlord, amorous and gentle; Agent ye is always vigorous and confident. Dr. Hawkins is learned, wise, and thoughtful. They understand character traits thoroughly, perfectly interpret the characters in the play, and are all indispensable actors in the play. It is believed that after "Exploration" was broadcast, audiences would also be impressed by their performances.

Yu Bai,Chen Ji

The whole crew worked together to create high-quality mystery drama

It is understood that theExplorationfrom the preparatory to the shooting lasted more than four years, light polishing script had spent three years time, not only the case than the general of the republic of China "spinoffs upgrade the plot is more difficult to burn, brain also blended in the latest investigation of reasoning thinking, with abundant preparation for the audience to build a high quality full of suspense, logical drama suspense reasoning. The play takes the form of unit drama to present the mysterious case and the high-energy investigation and reasoning process, and there is always a mysterious thread running through the whole drama, which is interlinked, intricate and slow. It is worth mentioning that the series is produced in the mode of American TV series and shot in the way of film, and the Hollywood level of photography is introduced even more at great cost, showing the care and sincerity of the entire crew.

On the other hand, the effects of "Exploration" are also expected. The actors' shapes are not only unique, but also have custom-designed and restored clothes of the republic of China. They pursue exquisite special effects and high-quality details to let the audience in, and share with the characters their fear and reasoning thoughts in solving cases.

From the bright early summer to the autumn, also experienced the scorching hot summer, the crew in Shanghai and jiangsu, to try to restore the real sense of the republican era. The actors and the staff have formed a profound emotion during the filming of more than three months. The crew is highly consistent and strives for perfection in every detail. The degree of intention is self-evident.


At present, the shooting of the play has been completed as scheduled and it is ready to enter the intensive post-production stage. I believe that the production team who always maintains high standards for the play will also adhere to the original intention of the craftsman to complete the final carving. It is expected that "Exploration" will open its mysterious veil to meet with the audience, and lead the audience to solve the serious suspense case in Shanghai in the republic of China.

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