31 years in the career and no gossip career at the peak of retirement for husband 5 years now daughter looks sweet and lovely

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She has been retired for her husband for 5 years and her daughter looks sweet and lovely

The public divides actors into these two categories, with the new generation of actors with the pronoun "" little fresh meat" "as the synonym, as well as the older generation of actors with old bones. Whether an actor plays well or not depends on whether the image created by the actor is classic enough and popular enough. Many people think of the old opera bones of the previous generation Siqin Gaowa , Li Xuejian And so on. Today, the subject is as good as their acting, and she is Kaili Zhang .

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Kaili Zhang, born in an ordinary family in changchun, is an actor at the central experimental drama theater.

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In 1987,Kaili Zhangappeared in the first film banvtoujiang and entered the entertainment industry. In 1990, she appeared in the TV series "Thirsty", playing the role of Liu Hui fang. Kaili Zhang's name became popular in the streets with "Liu Hui fang", and won the top ten best actors in the third national TV series in 1992 . At the same time, she won the best actress award at the golden eagle awards for popular television and the best actress award at Beijing TV spring swallow cup for her role in "Thirsty". Since then, she has created a lot of images on screen, but rarely to the degree that she was a sensation.

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It wasn't until 2011 that "naked marriage times" cast the character "tian shuyun" for viewers to see another possibility for her. She also won the actress of the year award for her role in anhui TV's national drama festival . Later, Kaili Zhang's natural, explosive performance on "LetsGetMarried" was again recognized by the audience. She once again won anhui TV's national TV drama awards for her performance in LetsGetMarried. She also became the representative of the "national mother - in - law", the career ushered in the second spring. Later, she often appeared in various variety shows, such as DIVASHitTheRoad " And "학 교 다 녀 오 겠 습 니 다", "" ChineseRunningMan "Such as refreshing atmosphere of the character, circle powder countless. In 2017,Kaili Zhangstarred in "" In the name of people "Is the acting break, again reflects the strength of senior actors.

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Kaili Zhang has a thriving career, but is very low profile emotionally. Kaili Zhang's husband, writer Zhang Jian quan, met while filming in shenzhen in 1995 and walked down the aisle the following year.Kaili Zhangsaid of her husband, Zhang Jian, during the recording of "I love my family." He is not handsome but he is very manly. I like this type. Zhi Zhou,Kaili Zhangbecame famous overnight with the role of "Liu Hui fang". However, she left acting for five years after the show. In this program,Kaili Zhangimploded. In order to pursue happiness, I temporarily left my acting career for love at the peak of my career and went to shenzhen to accompany my husband for five years. It is reported that a person familiar with the matter has revealed that Zhang Jian was at a low point in his career at that time, butKaili Zhangdid not give up, and for the sake of his career when he temporarily left the stage, which is the so-called true love appearance, can share weal and woe, and together.

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The couple have been married for 22 years, and have a daughter together. Their daughter is Zhang Ying, a talented student with excellent academic performance, who was admitted to the central academy of drama with the first place in the national culture class. Zhang Ying is sweet and charming, full of vitality, and sweet and sexy, gentle and a little domineering. Influenced by her family from a young age, Zhang Ying had a strong interest in acting. She entered acting in 2013 after starring in The Wizard of Oz, an english-language play directed by Xinling Lee. In 2016, I participated in the hunan TV girl group variety show ComeAwayHome and obtained the qualification to enter the "regular army" of hunan TV variety anchor group. In 2018, as a member of mango new sound class, she participated in the recording of hunan TV variety show "sound in its environment". Her outstanding expressive power and variety sense gained more attention from the public.

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Now, Kaili Zhang, an old actor, is becoming more and more popular, and her daughter is slim and graceful. We are also looking forward to better works byKaili Zhangand Zhang Ying.


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