Zeng Li's "Youth Alumni Association" is against Bai Jingqi’s self-adjustment.

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The experiential inspirational variety "Youth Alumni Association" jointly produced by Oriental TV and Happy Media ushered in four golden flowers of Zeng Li , Ting Mei , Jing Hu and Candy . The youth competition, the secret and the "old place" The dinner is full of youthful memories and hilarious smiles. Zeng Li personally prepares the love and heart, so that the old classmates can get a little warmer. Zeng Li breaks through the image of the past, and the cute and free-spirited character makes netizens scream.

In the big performance, the 96th class of the Chinese opera also pays tribute to the classic " Big house door ", Zeng Li's domineering actor 'Bai Jingqi', not only dressed in exquisite elegance and handsome, but also superb performance, precise eyesight details, a section of "three stores" "Singing the sadness and sorrow of "Big house door", perfectly shaping the "Zeng Qiye" who is sandwiched between the mother and the lover. She also ridiculed herself on Weibo, "finally rounded out her dream of a reverse man." The netizen yelled "Zeng Qiye, when are you coming to marry me?"

Zeng Li graduated from the 96th class of Zhongxi , and together with Zhang Ziyi , Ting Mei, Quan Yuan , Jing Hu, Qin Hailu , Candy and Lee Min-ho, he is also known as the “Big Golden Jubilee”. From " Love In The City frustration of" work hard work in to the big city did my treasure to be found, the "barber" in love affectionate insisted Song Jiayi, to the "Strange Tales of Painted Skin" in Allure stunning but for the love of the victims Mei Sanniang, Zeng Li has not forgotten her initial heart, and does not fight for it all the way slowly, tempering her acting skills in each role. The TV series " Stay with my mom " starring Zeng Li is being broadcasted by Zhejiang Satellite TV's China Blue Theater. I hope that "Li Zong" will bring us even more surprises.