Roy wang's first full-length single as an adult' my childhood 'is officially released.

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Linkeddb News November 12& have spent I just had my 18th birthday Roy Wang ", released the full-length single "my childhood" composed by himself, which is his 13th work since his debut and his first dialogue with his childhood through music as an adult. After some deliberation, he changed the song "goodbye childhood" to "mine", which means to turn that loss into a treasure and regret into an opening.

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& have spent Childhood is the softest part of us all, and for this child who grew up under the spotlight, few childhood years are especially precious. "The ferryboat", "the train", "the whistle", "the school wall", all these vivid childhood images make the songs add a tenderness that is wrapped up, and this tenderness is the courage of the imperial sword in adulthood. He knew that although when childhood meets the adult world, "like the rain drops falling," it is impossible not to have broken dreams and helpless, but as long as he does not forget his own way, he is not afraid of the dragon blocking the way.

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Roy Wang has been growing at an amazing pace for five years, and around his 18th birthday, this growth is particularly evident in the music works he has been involved in. Roy Wang recently released two music works: "same" and "my childhood". Although they have different styles, they can clearly feel the marks of growth and think more deeply about life through songs. "The same", written by him, expresses the courage to pursue dreams, while "my childhood", which is composed of lyrics and music, shows the guard of inner innocence. Although the theme is different, both songs are essentially the same signal, that is, to face the future can be hesitant, fear, but ultimately must carry a good, the determination to brave the dream. Growth does not necessarily mean extreme rebellion and subversion, in the flow of time to learn perseverance is also a difficult, as long as the original heart, can meet in the future better themselves.

The "Roy Wang BORN FREE 18-year-old concert" will also be held in his hometown chongqing on nov 17.

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