Long vacation no drama “mask” “get away” hubei satellite tv good drama series

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Star connection September 25"Mask", a 38-episode spy thriller, landed in the Yangtze river theater of hubei satellite TV during the Mid-Autumn festival and will accompany the audience during the National Day holiday. In the highly typed spy drama market, "mask" takes the special suspense and brain-burning of spy drama to the extreme with its meticulous story line. A large number of actors' delicate and profound characters are sculpted, which opens up a new way of interpreting "spy" and "spy". "Great hidden in the world's good drama of conscience," but to Feng Zu , Hou Yong (actor) , Ting Mei As a representative of a number of drama bones dedicated "gao guang" acting, so that the play was awarded "bones". Lee Joon, a renowned literary and art critic, told a seminar on the play: "the characters' characterization, performance, and emotional sophistication are all worth watching and recalling. It is estimated that the replay in the future will still attract a lot of people, even some who have already seen it will watch it again.

IQIYI "mask" by Beijing science and technology co., LTD., Beijing yu on its action film and TV culture co., LTD., Beijing its action movie and TV cultural communications co., LTD., jiangsu tomorrow its action movie and TV cultural communications co., LTD., joint production, such as wang gun screenwriter, Jian Lou, Gu Guoliang, valley Shi Jun jointly directed, Feng Zu, Hou Yong (actor),Ting Meiget the lead, and assembled Yongdai Ding , Du Zhiguo , period, jiaqi, Yiming Jiang , Sun Ta - chuan , Huaihu Mu , Li Hucheng , lorla Waiting for the old and the young actors. The drama tells the story of li chunqiu (Feng Zu), a military spy who has been lying in Harbin for ten years, who is suddenly awakened and asked to carry out the "black tiger plan". After a series of thrilling mental fighting and complex psychological conflicts, li chunqiu finally reverts to attack and realizes the transformation and awakening of belief.

A new way of opening up the atypical counterroutine "spy.

"Mask" was set in the newly liberated city of Harbin in the winter of 1948. From the perspective of history, Harbin was the first large city liberated by our party. Around that time, espionage activities were very active, and various forces came on the scene for the second time, forming a dark painting of night after nightfall. Li chunqiu, played by Feng Zu, is ostensibly head of the police department's forensic department, along with the head nurse's wife, yao LAN (Ting Mei), and son Tang Li ( Liu Ruo Valley The family of three is happy. In the dark, he was a military spy who had been in hiding for ten years. However, after ten years of stability, he was suddenly awakened and was at a loss for measures. First of all, he was worried about the safety of his family. "Will you come back after that?" There is concern, have soft rib, no longer is the heaven and earth omnipotent "omnipotent agent".Feng Zuinterprets li chunqiu's characters' heart with rich layers and strong sense of substitution.Hou Yong (actor)plays ding zhanguo, a colleague and neighbor of li chunqiu. As the head of the investigation department, li chunqiu has a strong case solving ability. Under his suspicion, li chunqiu has been exposed several times. Between two people you chase me hide "cat and mouse game", step by step alarming.

Mask is also unique in that it revolves around li chun qiu, ding zhanguo, and also shapes various types of spy images. AsYiming Jiangplays Chen bin, a spy killer, who lives a day of licking blood with the tip of a knife. .. "Another agent Ye Xiang ( Jie Li Acting) in the sudden wake, quiet life was broken, the pain geology asked li chunqiu: "you early why go to find me now, I like a dog endure, I endure not down!" Each character has his own deep predicament and anxiety, which is exactly what screenwriter wang xiaogun intended: "actually, the essence of spy is an anti-human career. I've seen a lot of historical factual material, they're not fun, they're all chosen, they're all miserable, and our previous spy dramas are all painless." As wei yiping, the bureau chief played by Du Zhiguo, says, "we are actually living in this age. If we were all common employees, fighting with our wives over a bushel, we might not even dare kill a chicken.

A thousand faces play bone "acting great award" through "mask" to see the world

"" to see theFeng Zuwould be sucked in by his eyes, and there was a story in his eyes." " He is good at making eye contact and rich in details, but he does not like to be grand and sorrowful. Feng Zu's performance style of "walking heart and showing inner beauty" is consistent with li chunqiu's character and the suppressed and restrained tone of the whole drama. "Li chunqiu is a weak and strong man with strength, and he makes people feel that he is a gentle man in general, but he also has strength to burst out when needed. I think I'm probably one of those people." As the actor,Feng Zuchose to use the word "su" to describe li chun's role in "mask" : "he was powerless to change his own fate. As a small figure in a big era background, he could only bend over and survive. Even if someone like him disappeared one day, he would be drowned, and no one would remember him. No hero, he is such a nobody.

As the "justice" in the play,Hou Yong (actor)plays the head of investigation department of public security bureau ding zhanguo in the play. As an "old anti-japanese united", he always fights in the anti-special front and has strong investigative ability. But behind the mask, a wholesome and loving father, lies a huge secret.Hou Yong (actor)revealed that he was deeply attracted to the original screenplay of "mask" and that "the more he watched, the more excited" he saw "the hairs rise up". With her superior control over the characters,Hou Yong (actor)is a perfect fit with ding zhanguo, who is also a good and evil actor Zhang Haidong "Hou Yong (actor) didn't put the character's scheming into action, but in the end, it turned out that every scene before him had a stem, a knot and a cushion," the comment said.

Mid-Autumn festival, National Day holiday, happy family good conscience drama is a holiday essential goods. With a high degree of integrity, a stable suspense reasoning and layout, and a lot of skill-controlled performances, the main line and auxiliary line are ingenious, and the plot can be analyzed. "mask" is excellent. From September 24, hubei satellite TV Yangtze river theater, together through "mask" to see the world.

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