“When ”Sherron“ met ”Fire Peak" This spring's laughter and tears were contracted by Haiyu Zhang

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Haiyu Zhang 's first film " Nice To Meet You " is in hot stage, while his other drama "Underwater" also ushered in the third climax at the Tianqiao Art Center. The actor who was directed by Gu Changwei and Xu Xiaopeng at the same time can be said to have contracted the laughter and tears of this spring.

“Nice To Meet You” is the first youth nostalgia comedy by director Gu Changwei. Haiyu Zhang plays high school sports student Xie Lun, who is sometimes serious and often mischievous. The naughty and adorable “back seat boy” experienced in the film. After long-distance running, diving, and African dance, he even challenged zebra kissing. In the film, he also formed Zhou Chaochu and Zhou Xiaoshu, a young girl of artistic and artistic conception , to form a “clutter wave” CP that brought a sad story to the audience. The audience who walked out of the theater felt that the “Qingdao Daxie” and “Xue Bühui”, who had been providing services for the year, were really serious and dedicated to the movie.

At the same time as the movie was released, it complied with the agreement of Director Xu Xiaopun three years ago and the starring drama "Underwater" was also staged in the Beijing Tianqiao Art Center's small theater. Haiyu Zhang used a unique performance method to face the issue. When he was arrested, he was in a difficult situation and he had to make a concerted effort to ensure justice and the truth that the “great justice destroyed the pro-” in the 80s. He also made everyone who saw the drama clap.

The comedy newcomer was not only greatly appreciated by the director, but he was also favored by his boss Xiaoming Huang. He not only attended the premiere of the film "Nice To Meet You" but also personally went to the play "Underwater". The scene of the performance roused him.

Recently, Haiyu Zhang also published an article entitled “< Nice To Meet You>X<Underwater>: Thank You, Willing to Accident With Me ~” on his public platform. He not only described the filming in the article. The behind-the-scenes details of the two works and the appreciation of the grateful director also expressed the thoughts and feelings brought to him by the characters in the two works, and thanked everyone willing to take risks with him. Perhaps this is the attitude and humility that a good actor should have. We also expect him to bring more excellent works to the audience.

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