Roy wang releases new song' unrecorded notes' to hold 18th birthday concert in chongqing tomorrow

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JPG by Roy Wang

Linkeddb News November 16& have spent Today, Roy Wang The release of his new attitude single, "alone," which was the fourth single released by Roy Wang in the last three weeks, marks a departure from his previous music work. With the most fashionable European and American pop music style and short and powerful lyrics, this piece let us see the amazing breakthrough and change of Roy Wang. The direct and sharp lyrics reveal the courage of Roy Wang to hold on to his dream and burn his Bridges. The cover of the single was put forward boldly by Roy Wang, who adopted the minimalist design and made the old CD indentation design on a pure black background with a touch of light, implying "music, which is his unflinching lonely note". Roy Wang's 18th birthday concert will also be held in chongqing on nov 17.

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Roy Wang releases new song 'solitary notes.' JPG

As an adult, Roy Wang has more requirements on music's expression function. Whether it is "the same", "my childhood" or the new "solitary annotation", it is a reflection of his mood and thinking, and this "expressiveness" is particularly obvious in "solitary annotation". Whether it is "all pain insisted on his face," or "if love then use"/even if all the outcomes are doomed ", says Roy Wang want to break, want to release, want to change, some things seem to be deep inside burst through the box, he will become famous through songs behind the tired, lonely unfold, not to complain, just want to return to zero, brushed away. The beginner's mind and dreams can reveal, as in the song sings: "even if the failure/again/I decided his fate."

In addition to the surprise of the lyrics themselves, the diversity of music style also gives a glimpse of Roy Wang's potential in the future on music road. Roy Wang, who has always been reserved, chose to show his Bohemian side through his drumming, rhythm and crisp singing. The solid and highly infectious European and American pop music style shows the seriousness and possibility of Roy Wang's music as an adult. Compared with the arrangement of the song, the most outstanding part is the part of the main song with dense word position. There is hardly any singing, which is also a comparison and reflection of singing skill.

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Innocent, persistent and uninhibited. Through music, we see a rich and three-dimensional Roy Wang. From cover to original, from performance to original songs, music is a love and dream for Roy Wang. Roy Wang's 18th birthday concert will also be held in chongqing on November 17th. I hope he can continue to enrich his experience and bring amazing and more mature music works.

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