Xu zheng (actor) is the conscience of the film industry and is called aamir khan of china'.

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In July, a film about minsheng pharmaceutical co., LTD.Dying to SurviveIt has become a popular phenomenon among the public to discuss the difficulty of buying medicine.


The movie is based on real events, and the leading actors know it's baldXu Zheng (actor). China's film industry has not seen a film like Dying to Survive, which is related to people's livelihood for a long time.


Xu Zheng (actor) is an excellent actor who has acted in theSunny PiggyAfter the success of the film,Xu Zheng (actor)did not stop his artistic exploration. In order to fundamentally grasp the initiative of being an actor, he began to try to be a director and a part-time worker. In recent years, the director's works have been very few, but almost every one of them has won the super high box office, lost in Thailand and lost in Thailand.LostInHongkong"Is a very successful work.

Later,Xu Zheng (actor)began to supervise the production and support some new directors, such asTheGreatHypnotist","The Player"And"Dying to Survive"are both works of Dying + supervision. Supported by Xu Zheng (actor), "Dying to Survive" came out of nowhere. Although his popularity surpassed that of the director, he also made the audience remember the name of the directorWen Mu Ye.


The leading role of theDying to Survive"to pay the rent, and his wife divorced, children will be immigration, father to do brain surgery, all issues to the leading role, we love him, like the protagonist, abound in the realistic society,Xu Zheng (actor)plays the leading role of every move completely accords with the mentality of the character, believe that soon after, he should be able to rely on the film took some film awards.

Unlike previous fresh-meat movies, all the actors in the show, including the cast, are acting online.


actorZhuo TanBecause the character needs to practice pole dancing hard and break his own cartilage.

EricWorked hard to lose weight for the role, jumping rope 8,000 a day, lost more than 20 kilograms. He did not eat or drink water for two days to reflect the state of leukemia patients before they died.

Yiwei ZhouandXinming YangIn order to play their roles well, they went to the police station and church respectively to experience the living environment of their roles.

This kind of creative atmosphere is too rare in today's film and television industry where bad films are rampant. It also makes some film makers realize that it is Don Wong who makes movies with his heart. He treats the audience as a fool.

Since "Dying to Survive" has exploded the circle of friends,Xu Zheng (actor)has been described as China's Aamir Khan, who, like Aamir Khan juice, tries to change a country with movies. If there is a day when countries can really be changed by movies, it's actually a good thing. I hope more films likeDying to Survivewill appear in the future. Under the influence of these films which reflect people's livelihood, the national construction will be better and the people's life will be better and better.

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