Oh!My Emperor Season 2 ending. Luo Feifei loss all vitality and meet the emperor in the modern times.

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Oh!My Emperor Season 2 ending, on the day of Luo Feifei and  the Emperor's wedding, Huang Daoguo was invaded by foreign enemies, and others were poisoned by the drinking of everyone, causing Huang Daoguo to be in jeopardy. In order to save the Emperor and the crowd, Luo Feifei began to display her abilities to treat Wilson North Church and the crowd, Ophiuchus tribe people arrived to continue to save lives in the Luo Feifei's command, In Ophiuchus crowd of treatment, Huang Daoguo people gradually wake up, and people in Ophiuchus have exhausted their energy and turn into stars. In the end, Luo Feifei has already been exhausted and will leave.



Bei Tangyi wake up , He and Luo Feifei stood up face to face. Luo Feifei still smiled and she want sing a song called Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the emperor.After singing,Luo Feifei asked the emperor, “You'll miss me right?”Bei Tangyi walked into Luo Feifei and kissed her. The kiss Lasted a long time. With the moon hanging high,  Luo Feifei eventually dissipated into smoke, and the others of Huang Daoguo survived. They are kneeling toward Luo Feifei and watching she turn into countless spots and become a star in the sky.


Luo Feifei returned to 21st century,but because she missed the Emperor, she was depressed all day long.She can't forget something what she has experienced in Huang Daoguo. One night, News reports said that tonight the Ophiuchat Constellation will be coming.This time the Ophiuchus Constellation was so obvious because it was close to the Earth’s orbit and Lofifi suddenly rushed out of the house. Luo Feifei came to Longshan and stand on the empty grass, hands holding cameras. She looked up at the Milky Way. A piece of paper flew over Lofifi's face. The name was written with a brush on the piece of paper. Then she saw Bei Tangyi .Luo Feifei  yelled and ran toward him. Who knows this person is not Bei Tangyi , but Jiacheng.

Luo Feifei fell to the bottom of her mood, blaming him for posing as someone else's boyfriend.At this time,Bei Tangyi was standing behind her. As before, He warned her that if she called another man's name, she would be punished! Luo Feifei turned and smiled in tears and looked at Bei Tangyi. The scenes of the past flashed through her mind. Finally, she rushed toward Bei Tangyi and they clung together.


Oh! My emperors  season 2 episodes

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