She is the goddess appointed by lin zhiying, who became ill through hard work.

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Talk about the entertainment industry inverse growth of the ageless face, "Lin zhi family" can be said to be a complete explosion of all people, among them Lin2 zhi4 ying3 Although he's a father of three, he's no longer the green boy, but at 43 he's still young Guo degang When the same frame, clearly the same age of two people, but look like a father and son!

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Although this "not old man" is now married, but mention his emotional past, I believe everyone will say he and Ruby Lin That feeling, think Lin is his first love. However, before that, Lin zhiying has another object of love, which is the protagonist we are going to talk about today Gloria yip .

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Born in 1973, ye yunyi is a year older than Lin zhiying. When she was 13 years old, she was discovered by the star scouts and shot her first advertising film. And then in 1990, PeacockKing The magazine was highly praised and recognized by the industry, and was named the first "most popular foreign female star" by a Japanese magazine.

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Later, ye yunyi launched more than a dozen personal music album, and partner Jackie chan , Maggie cheung , Jacky cheung , Joey wong , Tony leung ka-fai Such as idol superstar, participated in many classic film and television works, is a talented female artist.

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Speaking of ye yunyi's acquaintance with Lin zhiying, it is in the TV series "nine tailed foxes and flying cats". As the two of them play well in the play, Lin zhiying also fell in love with her, and was once rumored to be gossip girl.

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But ye responded to the scandal by saying, "as an entertainer, we can't stop the scandal. He and I are just ordinary friends. He is younger than me and a lovely little brother. Acting like he's playing house is fun." Although the two of them have no result, but they are together when it is simply natural, Golden boy Herself.

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However, when ye yunyi was in the ascendant in the entertainment industry, she chose to marry a wealthy businessman and quit the industry. Just when everyone thought ye yunyi lived the life of a rich wife who had lived a good life, but god made a huge joke on her, causing her life to change dramatically.

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Gloria yip married gave birth to her first child, in the second husband is love for her, however, when she became pregnant with a second child, her husband is cheating on tender mode, two personal relationship of divorce, and two children were awarded the gloria yip, alimony, provided by the male however if the rain roof leak, ex-husband company went bankrupt soon, cause to pay alimony to two children.

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In addition, her ex-husband also did not choose to talk to the media about the marital affairs, claiming that ye yunyi excessive demand, leading to her fame plummeted. However, in order to support her two children, she had to accept her fate and chose to be a salesgirl, but in this industry has also suffered a lot.

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Since she left the glamorous life in the entertainment industry, she has been living a hard life. In 2014, she was photographed going out to buy food, wearing casual clothes and her puffy body, which surprised people.

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Because the life is difficult, work overmuch, the hair of ye yunyi also starts to send white, and the Lin zhiying that pursue her in those days, look as before is a handsome young man, the life also is full of happiness, this has to let a person exclamation: really is the creation make a person!

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