The best part of the actress Yi Sun's leg Yi Xin Tang's dimple Jiarong Lv's lip

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In the entertainment circle, each female star has its own unique charm and magic weapon. When talking about his best looking parts, their fans have long been selected for their respective idols. Yi Sun 's long legs and Yi Xin Tang ’s Xiao Jiuwo, Jiarong Lv 's girls' lips are all strength.

Yi Sun is full of legs below his neck

Last Saturday, Yi Sun was wearing a shirt and a skirt to participate in the recording of Hunan Satellite TV's HappyCamp . The viewer who was just present was attracted by her long and long legs. The teacher is even more jealous, with all his legs under the neck, and the beauty is suffocating.

Yi Xin Tang was dubbed "Dimple of the Dimple"

All said, "Laughter girls are not too bad luck." Yi Xin Tang was dubbed the "Dimple Goddess" after her debut. Her iconic pear nest not only made the smile full of contagion, but also had a healing effect. Can make people forget their troubles. The charming smile is matched with the sweet pear nest, and both men and women will love it.

Jiarong Lv girl lips have a magical power

Lips are also a big sexy star of the actress. Some girls have thick lips, and some girls have thin lips. But with a good face, the lips' sexy appeal is also reflected. Jiarong Lv's lips are pink and pink. Very attractive attention, when she smiled, the curvature of her mouth naturally rose, and she really had the magic of seeing her happy.

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