Han Hong (singer) sang "New Horizon" theme song Joe Chan Zheng Kai cheeks 啵啵

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Han Hong (singer) sang " New Horizon " theme song Joe Chan Zheng Kai cheeks 啵啵

Produced by Media Asia, Perfect World Television, China International Television Corporation, East China Film Group, East China Sea Airlines and Airbus Aviation Club, Joe Chan, Zheng Kai, Zixiao Zhu , Coco Hjardemaal , Bing Hu , Ziqi Zhao, etc. The starring high-inflammation youth inspirational drama "New Horizon" today released the theme song "Flight Moment" MV. Specially invited Han Hong (singer) to sing and sing, to sing bright and atmospheric singing to the vastness of the sky and the new era of aviation people. Blood flight dreams.

Han Hong (singer) sang “Flight Time” Joe Chan Zheng Kai Deduces Captain Life

“Flight Time” was sung by the famous singer Han Hong (singer). Her pure tone and penetrating treble matched the style of the aviation industry drama “New Horizon”. “You say I may, get out of gravity and hug. The chorus of the Rainbow "Chorus" seems to pierce the sky and hit people's hearts. It is reported that this was Han Hong (singer)'s long-lost singer TV series OST. As a former Air Force officer, she could feel the flying mood and love of the blue sky even more when he sang.

The "Time of Flight" MV has a wealth of information. It not only describes the professional responsibilities of aviation people, but also integrates their lives and emotions. "The plane is not a toy, but is the pilot's closest comrade in arms." A line sets the tone of the entire drama profession and rigorous, and also has a long-standing passion for work and sincerity. Mid-air gaps in the video occurred when the staff of Midsummer Airlines encountered critical situations and clips. Together, the incident created tension and drama suspense. In addition, the conflict between Wu Di (Joe Chan Chan) and Xiao Mo (Zheng Kai) on sweet cheek kiss, Xiao Mo and Xia Yu (Zi Xiao Zhu ornaments), the air people have laughter and tears, and they are confused. Regaining determination and empathy reveal the true appearance of their lives. Both the meticulous work workplace and the rich three-dimensional representation of life, "New Horizon" restored a group of vivid and lively air people.

Challenging Self New Horizon encourages young people to step out of the comfort zone

As an aeronautical theatrical industry drama, “New Horizon” takes control of majors and regards the dreams of major airlines as its spiritual heritage. It also does not relax in shaping the characters' roles, and strives to both assume the responsibility of education science and transmit the power of thought. “Challenge yourself and get out of the comfort zone to promote yourself” is the original intention of the play, and is presented by the heroes of the three captains in the play. Due to his childhood experience, Wu Di planted the seed of flying in his heart because he could not easily give up his dream and decided to transfer from the flight attendant to the midsummer flight school. The flying acrobatic Zombie left the cockpit and went to the maintenance post just to have a deeper, more systematic understanding of the aircraft. Xia Yu, the heiress of Midsummer Airlines, in order to better manage the airlines, applied for aviation pilots to become pilots and accumulated experience in the field. They were originally in a comfortable environment, but they bravely walked out of this comfort zone to meet various unknown challenges and become more outstanding themselves because of the flame of indestructible dreams. This is the spiritual outlook of the new era of "New Horizon". It is also the ideological connotation that we want to present to young people.

It is reported that the post production of "New Horizon" is also drawing to a close. The crew of the crew will collectively attend the 24th Shanghai TV Festival, debuting the "Magnolia Bloom Award Ceremony" and expecting the drama to be broadcast soon.

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