Yuezi month guest “MTV Tianyi Village” interpretation of creative talent behind the story

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In recent days, the creative talented woman Yinyue brought her new single “Wish” to the “MTV Tianyi Village” program to play songs. She has written songs for He Jie , Kohlrabi , Yuan Bing Zhu , He-sian Jo and many other famous singers. She is known as the "four-times beautiful girl" of the Chinese music scene.

In 2013, only 17-year-old Yinzi published his first work, Yongxiangren, and later the company’s top manager was shocked by the amazing talent of the little girl and signed her; so Yinyue started her. Musical journey. Afterwards, the words "you just love me enough," "borrowed," and "seesawboard" were all successful in fulfilling their missions and becoming the top singles in the list. For the Hunan Satellite TV hit series “ Tornado Girl ” season 1-2, “Five Years Waiting for the Bird ” and “ Long RiYi, you're dead ”, there are many tyrants for the OST; its sweet voice is not only for fans but also for the month of entertainment. Won multiple music awards. Since his debut, he has successfully created classic songs such as "I will be good", "fallen" and "lending". Yin Ziyue said, "Actually, I wrote about 200 songs before my debut. Music is like my good friend for so many years."

In the program, Yinzi also revealed for the first time the idea of ​​creating a song called “Wish”. At the same time, he admitted that she was a mathematic idiot and she was completely uninterested in science students, and she even preferred romantic and literary students. According to Yin Ziyue himself, it has been tentatively scheduled for this year that there will be many OSTs for film and television dramas to be created by her as part of the music. Let us look forward to it together.

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