Big s stripped shrimp talk qinqin jiang is pregnant pick up the dishes big s said 9 words hit face chen jianbin!

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Big S shrimp Qinqin Jiang I was very pregnant and picked up the food. Big S said nine words and hit his face Chen Jianbin !

Since its broadcast, the happiness trio has gained many fans. The three groups of couples get along with each other, which makes the audience who watched the program gain a lot. Recently renewed phase, big S's shrimping theory has become hot search, netizens exclamation: sajiao woman best fate!



During the show, three groups of families get together for dinner again. The food for the dinner is prepared and prepared by every family. This time fuyuan loves to cook shrimp, fuyuan loves to sit with big S, big S Pointing at the shrimp, he asked fukuhara, "do you eat this?" and fukuhara replied, "yes, I eat everything."



So fukuhara loves to let big S eat shrimp, but big S says I won't. It turns out that big S is not used to stripping shrimp. The zealous fukuhara said he was stripped, and said: "I will peel the shrimp for the little jay," which made big S look surprised. Then big S told fukuhara about eating shrimp.




Big S said in the show that from childhood to adulthood, it was dad who stripped big S to eat, and I stopped eating after big S's absence. Besides, big S continued, "my mother said that a man must peel shrimp for you, so when I married my husband, he helped me to peel and eat it."



When I heard the shrimping of big S, Chen Jianbin, Xiaofei Wang , jiang hongjie instant desire for survival, immersing himself in shrimp peeling, as the composition of "shrimp F3". Seeing this image, netizens have been impressed by big S, which is worthy of being the queen of idol drama.



In addition to big S's prawn debunking,Chen Jianbinhas once again been ridiculed by netizens for his lazy nature. WhenQinqin JiangandChen Jianbinhad breakfast, they metXiaofei Wangand big S.Xiaofei Wangand his wife came toChen Jianbinand his wife to invite them to play table tennis.Qinqin Jiangalso did not want Xiaofei Wang, big S and so on for too long. Out of respect for the guests,Qinqin Jiangsaid, "you go to play now" and urgedChen Jianbinto play ball.



In fact,Chen Jianbindid not finish his breakfast at this time, but for the sake of his guests, he put down the corn to play table tennis.Chen Jianbindidn't think of helping his pregnant wifeQinqin Jiangclean up the dishes. His first reaction was to play table tennis and ignore Qinqin Jiang's physical condition.


And in the face of Chen Jianbin's behavior,Qinqin Jiangalso said that come to you to play, I will collect. But at this time, a word of big S on the side hit Chen Jianbin,Chen Jianbinslightly embarrassed. "Your feet are swollen," said big S. "sit down."



Chen Jianbin toldXiaofei Wangand big S to go first and helpQinqin Jiangto clean up.


Actually big S said so, also out of love Qinqin Jiang's position. After all, they are both women, and have experienced pregnancy and childbirth, naturally aware of the hard work.

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