Outside the building' ranked No. 1 in domineering ratings Duo Zhang Michelle Ye

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A drama by Zhentian Zhou , the large epic drama " Outside the building " directed by Zhou Su , starring Duo Zhang , Qin Hailu , Michelle Ye , and Xi Meijuan , is in a series of hits by CCTV. Building on the culture and history of the Outside the building, coupled with superb acting skills, “Outside the building” ranked first in popularity after broadcast. Even CCTV’s “News Broadcasting” also reported on the play, and the popularity and praise of the public were extraordinary.

The TV series “Outside the building” is based on the Outside the building of the 100-year-old Hangzhou brand. Through the history of “Exterior the building,” the outside of the building was described as the family’s Hongjia brothers who were chaotic in the warlords, from the Northern Expedition to the War of Resistance against Japan. Years of troubled times, the story of good faith management. The television series “Outside the building” has both home-country sentiments and chaos. It has continuously changed the new storyline and made many hit-chat netizens call it fun. Especially young actor Duo Zhang plays "Outside the building" Hong Jia Er's son Hong Jiabao, and Michelle Ye's Miss Zhao Jiada Miss Zhao Lin Han's love of love is even more hot.

Hong Jiabao is a growth-type character. He has developed from the ignorant youth who used to be good at painting, and he has gradually grown into a protagonist, like a “Outside the building” pillar. Duo Zhang, with his superb and intense tension acting skills, performed the character's demeanor under various scenarios. In the same scene with the childhood sweetheart Zhao Linhan, most of Duo Zhang's eyes are slightly smiling. The eyes must be loved ones. The two are similar in personality and they are straightforward and dare to love and hate people. Love everyday is a sweet atmosphere contrasted to the extreme. Duo Zhang's move to "touch and kill" is also a show of love among characters. In recent days, with the development of the plot to the turmoil in troubled times, Zhao Linhan married his wife to save his father's wife. Hong Jiabao’s pursuit of barefoot and crying is to push the story to a climax. When the emotions of the loss of lovers broke out, Hong Jiabao’s tears and shouting were regarded as Western paintings of treasures on a daily basis. Then his eyes were empty and awful. This delicate sentiment and change is also an excellent example of Duo Zhang's superb acting skills.

In the play, Duo Zhang not only talked to Michelle Ye about the "heartbreaking" love, but also had a lot of wonderful opponents with Qin Li's nephew Li Chunxian. After helping his brother to escape the marriage, Hong Jiabao greeted his son Li Chunxian for his brother. However, due to different business concepts and the establishment of “blackening” in the late period of Yanzi, Jiabao is often in a dilemma. How to cleverly resolve family conflicts and shoulder the burden of starting a country, one can't help but expect Duo Zhang's subsequent deduction.

Once he grew up to shoulder the important task of his home country, Wenxing Lou inherited the traditional culture. Every Monday to Thursday CCTV-1's golden spot, the TV series "Outside the building" is in the air! See how Duo Zhang interprets growth and continues to lead the ratings chart!

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