How does a fashion week show attract eyeballs?

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3. Long coats paired with sexy leather pants Joe Chan female Huang Feng fandy.jpg

These women are the fashion industry's favorite. JPG

Linkeddb News October 22 Spring/summer 2019 Shanghai fashion week again gathered the numerous young gay ladies from fashion, entertainment, show on the stage with all kinds of all kinds of fashion dress up you, is shining stars, and then, "how to succeed in the competitive level of appearance circle circle powder" has become a big problem, for many stars to make the best moves, among them with Joe Chan , Ming Xi , Jiarong Lv Led by the actress, she won the title of "fashion group pet" with her own clothing and stable strength.

 Ming Xi is a white dress with a low-cut top

& have spent Supermodel, Ming Xi from shape to natural appearance level is no words, this fashion week, her as one of the most red model representing the modeling shows its own unique temperament, Ming Xi choose a pure white skirt with shoulder-straps overall is very simple but elegant, also do not break contracted and fashionable, the design of the low bosom of course also attracted the attention of the public, after all, the career of itself is supermodel, Ming Xi with is many years shows the hardere the aura, and recently more and more favour her girl "wind", this time in the modelling of fashion week is really let a person feel pure and fresh!

2. Ming Xi white low-cut halter dress with a fresh girl feel. JPG

& have spent Long coats with sexy leather pants Joe Chan female Huang Feng Van is dye-in-the-wood

Joe Chan has always been known as "Taiwan idol drama queen", and the development in the mainland has been good, she also took part in this year's Shanghai fashion week, different is, she said, her legs of camel's hair coat with a broad leather pants, the hair bundle up, overall highlights the temperament of the queen of the individual, from head to toe was cool ShuaiFeng wear is to let Joe Chan secure "sexy royal elder sister". The idol drama played by Joe Chan has almost become the youth memory of a generation, and her clothes and clothes are constantly improving. The precious experience accumulated in the entertainment circle over the years has made her face more mature and stable.

4. Jiarong Lv teaches you how to get the most attention with your clothes. JPG

Jiarong Lv teaches you how to wear clothes with the fastest eye catching

Actor Jiarong Lv fashion week in Paris, milan fashion week, and two big international show have a stunning appearance, and that this was invited to attend the spring/summer 2019 fashion week, she was indeed also made adequate preparation, choose from clothes to the hair style collocation, Jiarong Lv requirement for fashion as well as of her acting career rigorous careful, one is red tassel long shirt is Jiarong Lv beloved concave shape, cleverly lining out her snow-white skin, red and the comfort of shirt also added bright spot for overall modelling, match again Overwhelming Jiarong Lv has her own unique idea on dressing. Such a "scheming" style makes her become the focus of attention in the crowd.

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