why on earth did Daniel Wu bombard the emmys? The reason was that

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Daniel WuWhy on earth are you blasting emmys? The reason was thatDaniel Wuas a clearing of the entertainment circle, when everyone else is busy at all kinds of activities, Daniel Wu, maintain the state of the "Buddha is the department", only the movie can occasionally seeDaniel Wueyes, his social platform is also seldom update the status. But Daniel Wu's recent attack on the emmy awards has become a hot search, causing curiosity among many gourmets. I don't know whyDaniel Wumade such a move. It turned out thatDaniel Wuthought the emmy nomination was unfair and his works were left behind.




Daniel Wu said recently that the newly announced list of nominees for this year's us telephone emmy awards is unfair, ignoring his own fantasy action series,The Revenant"The martial arts instructor. In The interview,Daniel Wualso explained why he thought "The Revenant" was an emmy relic, and that he felt "The Revenant" had The level of emmys in costume and set design.



It is understood thatDaniel Wuspoke not for himself, but for The entire action team of "The Revenant." The action team worked hard and hard. "the men and women on our action team worked five to six days a week for nine months." The emmy awards are the highest awards in the American television industry, as well as the Academy Awards in the film industry and the grammy awards in the music industry.


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