Liu yan (actress-actress) delivers a sadomasochistic performance for' wu chun, 'a muscle-looking heartthrob,' wu moved heaven and earth

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Star connection news: August 20, 2018 by Liu Yan (actress) partner Yang Yang (actor) , Zhang Tianai , Wu Chun , Likun Wang co-starring Wu moved heaven and earth "Mu qian qian" (Liu Yan (actress-actress) and "Lin lang tian" (Wu Chun) are also playing a series of masochistic dramas. "mu shi jie" is a "Lin shi di" who recuperates from her injuries. Wu Chun's muscle evokes the imagination, while Liu Yan (actress-actress) is extremely tender and caring to her schoolmates, which is totally different from the scornful and outrageous attitude of the elder of the two schools of hatred. It makes the audience see the level and depth of her acting. "Liu Yan (actress) interpretation of what is really seductive to nature", "Liu Yan (actress)Wu Chunis the show was a bear, is absolutely perfect body cp", feel is her years playing the roles of more enchanting big beauty and quantitative qualitative change "and"Liu Yan (actress)really amorous feelings ", "mei and poison, across the screen I want to fall in love with jose flourishing", "I was like jose flourishing liao, bad is the feeling of heart"...

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