Lala hsu tried to pull out of the music industry after she was exposed.

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Linkeddb News November 14 On Sunday, the fourth episode of the music mystery competition will be broadcast exclusively on youku, while the VIP exclusive version will be available tomorrow. Domestic well-known fashion "hydration +" skin brand water password continued to cooperate "masked singing will guess" the third season youku network independent broadcast platform total name. In this programme, "rock and roll" Tony There is not only a Bohemian soul, but also a "philosopher" in the heart, incarnate as "chicken soup blogger". "The ball" the spirit is strange, the individuality is bright, is exactly what the youku barrage net friends surmises Wu Mochou ; Has been Jam Hsiao It is true that the "braised lion head" of the plot is unmercifully revealed Jiuzhe Li , long time no appearance of his own exposure by the sorrowful past; New song will 'don't lie to me' Lala Hsu As expected not "lying", first appeared on the recognition, straight out to quit the music industry; Another new song will "I'm just a naughty little cute" octopus appearance, but the identity is unclear; The "mushroom", which has been sung for two seasons, is still a mystery. & have spent

Lala Hsu chants with Jiuzhe Li on

"Let's rock 'n' roll" Tony turned "chicken soup blogger" Wu Mochou picked "ball" to show off his talent

In fact, Tony's singing was so familiar to the public that when he hit the stands with "light of hope," everyone recognized the signature penetrating power of his voice. What really refreshes netizens' recognition is his talent. In the show, he shoots arrows and skateboards with outrageous skills. Even last week, he unlocked the "chicken soup blogger" mode and became the "king of golden sentences". When explaining why he wanted to perform finger skateboarding, he said, "skateboarding is our life. Every success is the result of countless failures and pains." And in the face of the sharp question "how to look at the love between a man and a woman", he turned into a poet and said affectionately, "you come, I wait for you in sweetness, you don't come, I wait for you in freedom." The punchline impressed the audience, and users of youku's bullet screen also left messages, saying, "please open a chicken soup blog, I promise to turn."

JPG the ball is being questioned by the critics


Tony's talent is permeated with his "philosophy", while the talent of "ball" is filled with "nonsense" humor. Originally, she brought a powerful dance, which was very enjoyable to watch. Later, she asked for more floor movements, which made the audience feel full. However, into the singer status of the "ball" but affectionate style, as long as you are happy to let Leo Ku "Awesome!" With solid singing skills and an international voice, as well as a nonsensical personality, the crowd instantly targeted Wu Mochou. Wu Mochou, who unveiled the face, admitted that he always gives people a strong impression, while wearing a mask on this stage can sing quietly and gratefully. Youku.com has a heart of hearts to support, "do yourself is the best you." & have spent & have spent

Tony reveals himself. JPG

Lala Hsu to fly out of the music industry & NBSP; The lion's head Jiuzhe Li blew himself away

"Braised lion head" was hit by "Jam Hsiao," which was revealed to be the second generation of "binge-crazed". After the chorus finished "every night", "lion head" revealed that "don't lie to me" was more happy this year. He won a big prize in his career and just got married in love, which instantly reminded everyone of Lala Hsu. Expose too much "don't lie to me" also start to set free oneself, call oneself fat 10 catties Zhao Liying "To quit music. Laughter turned the tables. Lala Hsu was finally spotted with a song, like you slowly, that warmed her heart, coupled with the "lion's head" Revelations and her experience as a nurse practitioner.

Lala Hsu wears mask to sing 'slowly like you.' JPG


With Lala Hsu, it was the "lion head" Jiuzhe Li that exposed her. The lion head has always been active on the show, losing control of the action as a barbell was lifted and the mask fell off. But in stark contrast to his buffoonish delivery, his husky and sad singing, "breaking everyone's heart," was a hit from the Internet. When asked why it has been so rare in recent years, Jiuzhe Li also admitted that he has been unable to make Chinese albums for several years because of his contract. Later, he recalled that when he started singing, he was rejected by the record company because of his bad appearance Jeffrey Huang He released his first album with a loan. & have spent

Youku has rich imagination & NBSP; Wu Mochou explains why he's single in "VIP exclusive edition"

In addition to the four rappers, two more last week will be completely hidden. The new song, "I'm just a little mischief-maker," features an octopus in a cool pose, and the 188-year-old enjoys watching it. Story of Yanxi Palace "Is elusive; While the restaurant's "mushrooms" rely on their own masks, even dare to make fun of "yellow kitchen" Huang Lei The body, shocked everyone. Two "invisible" masters have already triggered active "detection" among youku.com users. Sean Zhang , Kris Wu Other tall male stars have become the focus of the "octopus brother" suspected, Nicholas Tse , Allen Lin The male singer, who will cook later, is also the target of mushroom. Netizens of youku.com's online guess and comment team can guess and comment in the barrage, sharing clues and opinions with great fun.

Moreover, youku will launch the exclusive version of "masked 3" for VIP members at 12:00 on Wednesday, and more unreleased and exclusive content will be coming soon. Tony and "brother octopus" chorus of "love song of betrayal", "as long as you are happy" by Wu Mochou full version will be released, enjoy good songs! "Let's rock 'n' roll" Tony has more talent? Eric Moo , Patty Hou What other wonderful analysis of masked singing would there be? And why is Wu Mochou single? Why is Jiuzhe Li called "braised lion head"? These answers will appear in the VIP exclusive edition. In addition, there are also super egg - - face star challenge "key words point sing", wonderful not to be missed!

Every Sunday at 21:40, lock the third season of "the masked singer will guess" broadcast exclusively on the whole network of youku, watching and commenting, real-time interaction, through the barrage, can show their "detective skills", can communicate with like-minded netizens, let the fun double!


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