Partner guoli zhang became famous in filming. he lost money twice for three times as a director. now he is 49 years old and lives in seclusion in the mountains, young-g

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partner Guoli Zhang Filming became popular, when the director lost two out of three, now 49 years old secluded mountain forestYOUNG - G

Guoli Zhang is one of the oldest artists in the entertainment industry, and at the age of 63, he is still active on the screen. Actor, host, cross talk tutor and other roles are his shadow. Guoli Zhang starred in the film" KA ng Department incognito travel ", the classic film and television work has become a generation's memory. Today, I'd like to talk about the hero cognito in KA ng Department incognito travel as "sande zi"Zhao Liang (director).

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Zhao Liang (director), born in chongqing in 1969, graduated from the PLA academy of art.

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In 1994, Zhao Liang (director), 25, appeared in the first TV series "letter from myna" and officially entered the entertainment circle. At the same time, he also won the 12th Chinese drama award, plum blossom performance award. In 1996,Zhao Liang (director)starred in "bang bang jun, mountain city" and became a popular local comedian.

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Zhao Liang (director) was also lucky enough to be chosen by Guoli Zhang. He began to play the role of KA ng Department incognito travel series "three virtue sons" in 1997. He was familiar with the characters and endowed them with more energy. He has since starred in a number of films, including 'iron teeth and steel teeth ji xiaolan,' 'ji xiaolan' and 'Silly King Chuang world.'

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In 2006,Zhao Liang (director)also appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival gala and performed the sketch "rake your ears", which was deeply liked by the audience. After only a few years in the show business, he got off to a flying start. More enviable is his plain appearance, in 2008 is also an actor hu jing married. They have been married for 10 years and have a son.

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As the saying goes, man struggles upwards; water flows downwards.Zhao Liang (director)once transformed himself into a director after having accumulated savings in the entertainment industry. He has admitted that he has invested in three films and television programs, but lost money twice. Once, he just kept his capital and even mortgaged his real estate. With the upgrading of the entertainment industry,Zhao Liang (director)gradually fades out of people's vision.

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Nowadays, it is rare to see the figure ofZhao Liang (director)on the screen. It turned out thatZhao Liang (director)lived in seclusion in the deep mountains of wenchuan, young-g. Meanwhile, Zhao Liang (director), who has been a beginner for more than 20 years, has never thought of giving up acting. He just has high requirements for the script, and he will shoot again if he has a suitable role. Zhao Liang (director), co-star Guoli Zhang, has become a popular actor in the drama. Although he lost two out of three times as a director, at the age of 49, he lives in a secluded mountain, young-g, and enjoys a comfortable life. Do you like the actor Zhao Liang (director)?

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