Breakup rumors? tiffany tang luo jin is reportedly planning a wedding.

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Breakup rumors? Tiffany Tang, Luo Jin It was revealed that preparations for the wedding: sitting waiting for sugar

Recently, the entertainment industry is a mixture of happiness and sadness. Many popular celebrity couples have broken up, causing many netizens to sigh that they no longer believe in love. But there are stars who get married, for example Viann He jie's marriage is praised as "the most beautiful love speech in the world" by netizens. Of course, a lot of fans want their love beans to be happy, but the celebrity couple is reportedly planning a wedding. Net friend: sit and wait to sprinkle sugar!

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The relationship betweenTiffany Tang,and Luo Jin, an entertainment couple, has been closely followed by netizens and has made new progress. A netizen revealed that Tiffany Tang's wedding dress has been selected and its brand is well-known wedding dress brand. Many Internet users will remember singing the song together in 2016, whenTiffany Tang,wore the same dress. And, as it happens, Hannah Quinlivan The wedding dress is the same brand.

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Tiffany Tang's staff, contacted by the media, said the wedding dress selection was not true and wondered how the news got out. Staff members were less than forthcoming about the news of the couple's marriage.

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Tiffany Tang andLuo Jinmay hold a wedding in a foreign country, with some family members and close friends present, according to people familiar with the matter.

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On December 6, 2016,Tiffany Tang,revealed her love affair with her boyfriendLuo Jinthrough her microblog. The two of them also got married and became lovers in several TV series, among which" Fairview is not central "Is also the two people's romance.

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It has been nearly two years since the public affair began. Some time ago, the two also participated in a variety show. Asked about their plans during the show,Luo Jinsaid: "some things should be decided as they get older."Tiffany Tang,then responded with a smile of "help each other". Although is a few short words, but the net friend expresses is a good matter nearly?

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Then came the news of their marriage. As for not knowing this marriage information true or false, but many net friends still sent blessing for the two.

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