Yitiantulongji' remake? netizen: “” minjo group“ ”alyssa chia gao yuanyuan is still an unsurpassed classic“ ”

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" Yitiantulongji A remake? Which version is the most beautiful? Netizen: "minjo combination" Alyssa Chia Gao Yuanyuan Still an unsurpassed classic

Zhao Min Zhou zhiru and zhou zhinuo respectively by two flowers born after 90 years Yuqi Chen, , Xudan Zhu, To play.

Zhao Min -- Yuqi Chen


" Fairview is not central 》里活泼可爱的九公主让Yuqi Chen,第一次为大众所知晓,女扮男装的样子毫无违和感,不知道敏敏郡主的男装是不是也这么俊美。


Yuqi Chen will also be in the Fragrant honey embers In the film, liu ying, a princess of the devil who dares to love and hate, is also a "witch" like Zhao Min. It seems that little sister is suitable for such heroic roles.


Life'sYuqi Chen,is more student, with a printed cap, pink jacket, white T-shirt and white ripped skinny jeans like the pretty little sister next door.


With a white stripe oversize top and a black leather skirt, paired with little white shoes and a black shoulder bag, the collagen is literally spilling over the screen.


Yuqi Chen's legs are thin and straight, too. The combination of denim jacket, striped sweater and denim shorts shows off the long legs.

Zhou zhiru -- Xudan Zhu


Xudan Zhu in the Negotiator "As a simple and lovely newcomer to the workplace, shang bichen, like zhou zha in the earlier stage of tender and thoughtful, willing to pay for love.

She is still" Once Upon a Time "In the beauty and domineering mysterious woman, it seems that the late black zhou masters also need not worry.


Xudan Zhu in life also has her "duality", which is cool and sweet. Simple white T and khaki long wide leg look match, simply "neck down all legs," little sister gas field 2 meters 8!


Xudan Zhu, wearing a monochrome flight jacket and a black monogrammed interior, looks thin and cool with black leggings.


Sweet wind is also completely no problem, if feel white T and the collocation of bull-puncher knickers slightly show common words, one Blue grid A shirt jacket will make you look very foreign.


DoesXudan Zhu,look like strawberry marshmallow?

Unforgettable classics, that year amazing our "minjo"

新版"Yitiantulongji》剧照一出,不止新版被热议,而且引发了网友们对于老版的回顾,其中讨论度最高,被认为最经典的,当属2003年 Alec Su Yitiantulongji.

在该剧中,Zhao Min和周芷若分别由Alyssa Chia和Gao Yuanyuan扮演,如今的女神们当年还十分青涩,这两个角色也引发了当年乃至现在的观众们无止无休的争论。


Fifteen years have passed, and the 2013 edition of "the three relying on the sky" is still available. Demi - GodsandDemi - Devils "In the body, let the majority of net friends directly call" live long see."

Minjo, who lives outside the opera, has developed a deep friendship with her.Gao Yuanyuanhas also become the "ganma" of Alyssa Chia's daughter. When they took a group photo, their temperament was more mature and their appearance remained unchanged. For the audience, "it seems that more than ten years is just a moment".


Alyssa Chia, who is now a mother of three, has almost always had a sweet interaction with her family on weibo.

Alyssa Chia always wears a simple T-shirt and sweatshirt. She is more or less printed with a cartoon pattern. With a pair of black pants or shorts, she looks like a beautiful big sister to the baby.


With a denim jacket and black gym pants and a blue headband,Alyssa Chiacan only be described as "girl".


Princess dress also should have beautiful flower on, tie-in slant shoulder designs small dew sweet shoulder, sexy again sweet.

Gao Yuanyuan has been called the temperamental goddess of literature and art all these years. It is a good picture of time and tranquility to look down and up.


Suit overcoat, pure color ni son overcoat + brunet inside build + black pants, do not need superfluous adornment, cultivate oneself again generous.


适合白TEE,无论是和条纹阔腿裤还是黑色九分裤搭配,白TEE的Gao Yuanyuan永远干净清爽。


A long dress with a soft, feminine look that comes with a white sleeveless top or a denim shirt.

Suit warm colors, red and black pantsGao Yuanyuanto you, do not feel the whole world bright.

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