Awaji Bong × Mickey He's on the street can be slow to blame

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Mentioned Mickey He , there are still many people who will blurt out: "Siye!" In the drama “ Jade Palace Lock Heart ”, deep affection for the city’s deep “Si Ge Ge” made many viewers remember the actor Mickey He. Mickey He in life, gentle, humorous and even childish. Compared with the ambitious nature of “Siye”, his desire for life is mostly gentle and free.

Shooting gaps, he wrote a pen improvisation and came to a piece of calligraphy, swaying freely. It was as if the modest son came to you. It seems that the simple things that he did are so pleasing to the eye that people can't open their eyes.

He always surprises people. There are stars in deep eyes. It seems that the whole world is bright. This jade-like man has precipitated in the flash of time.

Mickey He has had many identities, dancers, singers, behind-the-scenes workers, business people... He likes to pursue new things and does his best for each character. He will not be forced to do something. At some stage, he does not want to do it. Then let go and try his best to pursue something new. For the one who loves, he will always insist and keep moving forward, not afraid of danger and danger.

He set up a personal studio, sang the song he wanted to sing, and took the drama he wanted to shoot. Through the trough and climax of life, he wanted to be the most true self. I admire such people, know what I want, and have the courage to give up.

This brave man, with his sharp view of fashion, said that fashion and fashion cannot be confused, and fashion will precipitate over time, recording an era. Fashion is popular today. In life, he likes what we see, likes comfortable and simple clothes. A single color silhouette plus some small designs is his favorite. Today, this young man has found a new thing to work for - charity. On the road of public welfare, the road is farther and farther. Now whether you are at the event or Weibo, you will find that he is always calling for people to pay attention to various public welfare projects.

Mickey He released the single "Mother's Smile" on Mother's Day in 2017, and leapt to the paper on her selfless mother-in-law, who "gets as if she is stumbling away and heartbroken." He said that he will continue the charity as a core project, and the mother's smile is just the beginning. At the same time, I hope more people can pay attention to participate.

This person, like the warm sun, never let people down. The best people are like this. They have a handsome appearance and a warm heart. The years are quiet, love is also Enron , we will always accompany him to write the story.

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