Little woman under the sun door' stars xiaoyu wu as a bully and 'big woman

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Linkeddb News November 6by Jiacheng Liu Directed, Wenli Jiang , Ni Dahong , Hairong Tian , Xiaoyu Wu Starring in period drama Little woman under the sun door Is Beijing, jiangsu satellite TV hit, since the show started, heat high, to change family bistro for clues, tells the story from 1955 to the decades of reform and opening-up entrepreneurship inspirational story, women s background arouse the audience memories of youth, who plays the play Xu Jingli Xiaoyu Wu, but also with the dare to love dare hate temperament and capable of atmospheric style impress the audience.

 Xu jingli won praise for her role as "overlord President" in the family business

& have spent Xiaoyu Wu plays xu jingli, the eldest sister in the family, who not only has profound feelings with her mother, but also loves each other with her younger sisters. Whenever the family is in crisis, xu jingli is always the first to come forward and think calmly about the solution, which is the most helpful hand of her mother xu hui. More mature than her peers, with delicate thinking and meticulous work, xu jingli, the "eldest daughter as mother", has an irreplaceable position in her family. After her mother started her own business in the hotel, xu jingli, returning from overseas studies, served as the general manager. She gave full play to her personal management ability and management skills, and dealt with the family industry in perfect order with clear rewards and punishments.

Little woman under the sun door xu jingli.jpg

Xiaoyu Wu Wenli Jiang plays mother-daughter loving. JPG

& have spent In the recent plot, mother xu huizhen's business loss suffered a heavy blow, in order not to let the children worry about a silent burden. After discovering the truth, xu jingli presided over a call for everyone to tide over the difficulties, not only saved the family real estate business from their own expenses, but also gave up the American green card to stay with their mother. Previously, due to family conflicts and the same relationship, he stood firmly on the side of his stepfather after the resolution of the relationship between father and daughter. Facing the father who aggressively asked for money, xu jingli responded with domineering "I have my own father, he is called CAI quan wu", showing the big woman's style. Xiaoyu Wu performs the incisively and vividly the atmospheric and capable personality of entrepreneur woman xu jingli, with a strong power and ease.

& have spent In and out of the play are big women. Sincere and serious business performance

& have spent Xu jingli's "big woman" in the drama is very charming, and the actor Xiaoyu Wu has the same personality. Graduated from middle school, she did not choose the film circle in the first time. Instead, she started a magazine with her classmates and Xiaoyu Wu worked as the main planner of the magazine. Different from other magazines, this career was purely out of her dream of expressing herself in junior high school. During the period she planned the five star guest house creative photos are also the time of the web celebrity diagram, fire throughout the school network and happy net. Xiaoyu Wu later tried to be a producer. "to be my favorite subject matter and play my favorite drama" is her understanding of career development. In her eyes, trying and experiencing is to improve her performance experience.

Xiaoyu Wu Little woman under the sun door.jpg

& have spent In terms of casting after play, Xiaoyu Wu said "would you like to heart with dramatis personae" yourself is the first choice, the role of the deduction of entrepreneurial story of the last century, in order to let more relevant s performance, Xiaoyu Wu, through a large amount of image data, both in appearance and character closer to state characters, also let many audiences recognize her acting.


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