Xie na posted a short video post about her hometown, but netizens called her “the winner of life”.

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Star connection September 17This has fast Xie Na The fast hand has "xie la". "Short video one elder sister" Xie Na, yesterday on fast hands hometown "sun", the hometown of sichuan nakae food and sharing, the smell of fine dried noodle, composed of eight kinds of raw materials production of oil cake, finally also call friends share their hometown cuisine, not only attracted netizen mouth water, have more attraction Madonna is a "winner" life!

Netizen such comment na jie is not without reason. Since the and Jason Zhang, After the wedding,Xie Nabecame a "fanatic" and calledJason Zhang,frequently in public. However, in the recent variety show,Jason Zhang,started the mode of "rebooting the demon" and became the perfect "model husband", which surprised netizens with Jason Zhang's transformation from a man who is not good at words to an aerated phrase. This "dog food" was sprinkled with super sweet!

This year,Xie Nabecame the new "hot mom" of her twin daughters, making her softer and more happy.

In addition to her adorable twin daughters and perfect husband,Xie Nahas recently added her "waistcoat" to her list, and her figure is very enviable! I believe that we all know about the date of "waistcoat" more than three months ago. After giving birth to twins, the weight of the baby recovered from 150 kg within three months to the level before giving birth, and the waistcoat line is not only made everyone happy for her, but also let people admire!

He Jiong , Daxun Wei , Ming Xi , Lyrics , Joe Chan Many of her friends and netizens congratulated her, and she had to be impressed by Xie Na's sincere attitude!

& have spent In the subsequent video of the vest line,Xie Nastill showed her affection! Background check out Jason Zhang's "all the way below" for a fresh and natural dog food spread!

With a perfect family and a better and better self, plus the blessing of her beautiful hometown, Xie Na's life is full of positive energy! I also hope that Xie Na, a sister of short video, can share her life in the hands more, and cheer up the brother!

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