Why did the Titanic theme song sing and cry for countless people Why didn't a love movie transcend it?

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" I'm a singer " brought a Titanic theme song "My Heart Will Go On" to the ninth issue of the Stone Sister. This ultra-difficult love song instantly conquered the audience, though everyone sang it. Not unfamiliar, but when the familiar melody rang again, countless viewers still burst into tears, recalling the romantic images of “Titanic” in their minds. Finally, with this song, Stone sister was in “I'm a singer”. The championship was won on stage.

 Titanic 剧照

 Titanic 剧照

21 years ago, “Titanic” was released and opened a romantic romance in the history of the film. Tens of thousands of people were starred in the “Titanic” sung by Canadian female singer Céline Sallette Dion. The theme song "My Heart Everlasting" has become popular, and was once regarded as the best love song in history by netizens. In the 21 years, tens of thousands of romance films have appeared in the world, but "Titanic" is still regarded as a classical classic, and the classics are eternal and cannot be surpassed. In particular, Jack said to Felissa Rose , “The luckiest thing in my life was to win this ticket. It made me meet you. I am very grateful.” Even after many years of re-reviewing, I can still get from Jack and Felissa. Rose's body sees the beauty of “My Heart Will Go On.” Even if Felissa Rose could not spend the rest of his life with Jack, Felissa Rose did not give up her love for love and happiness. Instead, she used her long-term happiness. Jack's love was rewarded. Although she had not mentioned Jack's existence to the outside world for the rest of her life, she had lived a happy life in accordance with Jack's promised and embarrassing future.

 Titanic 剧照

 Titanic 剧照

 Titanic 剧照

No matter how many 20 years have passed, as long as "My Heart Will Go On", the classics about "Titanic" will always exist, and cannot even be surpassed.

 Titanic 剧照

 Titanic 剧照

"Titanic" theme song "My Heart Will Go On" lyrics

Every night, in my dream

I see you, I feel you I know your heart

A space that spans our hearts

You show me your coming

No matter how far you are from me

I believe my heart has been with me

You knock on my heart again

You integrate into my mind

My heart is with you

Follow you

Love touches us every moment

For the last moments of life

Do not want to lose until forever

Love is when I love you

I firmly hold the real moment

In my life, love never ends

No matter how far away you are from me

I believe in my heart

You knock on my heart

You integrate into my mind

My heart is with you, my heart is with you

Love and I are so close

You are right beside me so that I have no fear

I know my heart is with you

We will always carry each other

In my heart you Enron is innocent

My heart belongs to you, love never ends

 Titanic 剧照

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