Two magic bullets at the box office! net big brother benny chan (actor) net big sister raquel

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 Linkeddb News October 16From the early years of TVB is the master of the small life, to later to the mainland star of the "living Buddha", "every day has a happy" and other works have won high ratings and good word of mouth, after,Benny Chan (actor)He made a lot of efforts in the field of the big Internet movie, with an online movie that eventually earned 26.55 million yuan. Fight against Buddha ", which established his position in the online film market, also let insiders see the possibility of the future development of the online film market.

& have spent Not only did "Fight against Buddha" score a lot at the box office in iQIYI, but the fantastic online movie "qingtian descending demon", starring it, also received more than 60 million hits in a short period of time, with a high score of 8.8, and finished with the champion in December, laying the foundation for the second part. However, the success of the film has captured the hearts of a large number of movie fans since its release, with the number of playback amounts breaking through tens of millions immediately. It is fair to say thatBenny Chan (actor)is a box office magic drug for the big Internet movie.

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& have spent & have spent Phenomenal web drama Y u Z UI "Queen of triads" shen jiayuan, who made his name in the movie theater. FistsofDragons "," The richest man in xilong "And become popular, after 90 small green dress Raquel In the network of the big movie, the network movie of the same name starring him, queen of triads With the film texture comparable to cinema films and the return of Hong Kong film retro gang theme, the number of hits has broken through 30 million in just a few days, becoming the final dark horse of 2017 and opening a new chapter of high quality for iQIYI online movies in 2018.

& have spent This year, the big online movie detective dee starring Raquel landed on youku. After its release, it received lots of hits and received lots of praise. It is the hottest and most topical online movie of the moment, and it became the runner-up of the big online movie of youku in September 2018. Raquel has been praised as "the first sister of the Internet" by virtue of these two representative online films, and the title of "box office wonder drug" is even more worthy.

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