The river ⅱ premiere | have a charm female powder is chanted “husband”, male powder like “big”!

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Applause of the piercing rocks! Deafening screams! Passion! A shout across the sky! Adrenaline rush like a roller coaster going 360 degrees to launch! Speed and passion on the stage for 120 minutes! Tears filled the eyes of millions to worship! Female pink together shout "husband", male pink be like "drink big"!

On October 20, the dance outrageous Tang Shanzhan premiere site, Riverdance: TheNewShow Ⅱ dance come the outrageous to the avalanche of potential! It beats the ground 40 times a second, and it beats the heart for 120 minutes.

The audience danced and danced throughout the show, with passion and enthusiasm, hoping to leave everything about passion and emotion.

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640 _005. JPG

Forty minutes after the show is over, a crowd of people will not leave for a long time, waiting 24 years to finally wait for you!

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Riverdance: TheNewShow Ⅱ unique four cases of the "most"

The most sonorous has "strength " !

The seven dances blend perfectly, with a bang every second. The tumbling and vigorous music, the muscular and sculptural body, the sonorous and vigorous expression, every 2 seconds, the dance moves will be flying, jumping, lifting and rolling, each step will step on the heart of the audience. The adrenaline rush, dry mouth and boiling blood are like a shot in the arm that opens your pores.

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The ramble is calledRiverdance: TheNewShowThe new sublimation and deduction of "speed and passion" pushed to the extreme of the universe.

First of all, from the speed of breaking the original ground hit 35 times/second, to reach 40 times per second hit the ground, such as the wind, rapid thunder, fast as electricity, so that the dancers in addition to training performance needs to compete for time to rest and massage, such a high physical strength, high frequency limit dance is equivalent to breaking the world record every day!

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Secondly, dance drama breaks through the limitations of tap dance, and combines seven kinds of dance, including salsa, ballet, street dance, samba, jazz dance and flamenco dance, which integrates the strengths of the ensemble and skillfully makes you dazzled! Gorgeous! Amazing! Every shining and gnarled muscle, every pose that starts and stops quickly, every high-altitude skill that has almost no fulcrum every second It is not only the physical limit, but also the creative limit. The top essence of the seven types of dance, the combination of 49 types of arbitrary difficulty and rare, completely in view, and the fight in one night!

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Every scene on the stage is subverting the perception of beauty and recreating the peak. Every second of the set was tickled to the point of obsession. The sonorous of "dance comes raging" have "strong", be like drank a large bottle of vodka, a second blood gush zhang is passionate 4 shoot, world begin to fly, the soul and body break a yoke to soar to sky high!

The most expensive item is material!

40 million theater hd VR technology to bring you a full world of beauty!

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With 10 boxes of stage props, 200 sets of splendid costumes, 26 sets of high-definition projectors, 8 world mother river real online, a new attempt of 40 million high-tech means, 20 scenes of amazing and fantastic scenes. Mountains, rivers, stars, Ye Yuan Sunset, autumn moon of pinghu, eagle swooping to the bottom, lightning, thunderstorm, storm surge, vast and magnificent, dangerous shock, peak.

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Touch heaven's shock, release soul's comfortable, only in the dance of raging, you can meet the world's most extreme beauty and life unforgettable mind shock!

The most amazing look

45 "dance" "color" double world champions, as if the body is at the beauty pageant!

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They are world dance champions, not hard; They are universal beauty pageant winners, no problem. The hard part is that they are both dancing champions and beauty pageant winners. They have won the favor of god and the "most beautiful body in the world". Please give up your heart.

Especially when "dancing king" bobby appeared on the stage, countless female fans shouted: "husband, I love you!" "Bobby, I'll marry you! Indeed, it is the king who has been kissed by male fans for 15 years.

4. The most attracting powder to tie the heart.

The unrivaled first choice for city 2317 of 117!

Performed in 117 countries around the world for 425 heads of state.

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It's the British rose.Diana, Princess of WalesThe love of queen harald v of Norway, a common love of queen sonja, has been praised by the Japanese crown prince and his wife People also ask Even the obamas can't help but "hi" More than 1,000 of the world's top stars call it up.

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An American actress who played the iron lady thatcher Meryl Streep Said, "Riverdance:TheNewShow is a source of strength for beauty."

"Riverdance:TheNewShow" (Riverdance:TheNewShow) is the perfect combination of strength and beauty, power and inspiration, "said fellow actress Julia Roberts.

"Milk"Madonna (entertainer)"Riverdance:TheNewShow is a jewel in the world of stage art."

U2, Francesco Redi People also ask , 007, Pierce Brosnan The beckhams, tennis legends agassi and graf are among the fans of Riverdance:TheNewShow.

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He that stands before honour suffers after

The total journey is 700,000 miles, or three times the distance from the moon to the earth. There are 36 million people watching TV series and over 5 billion TV viewers. More than 1,200 dancers joined the troupe, 75% of them world dance champions. The years for dancers to learn tap dance have been 19,500 years, equivalent to the lifetime of 195 centenarians. Wearing 360000 pairs of dancing shoes and 9,000 sets of costumes, the cost is equivalent to 87 American villas. 10, 000 stage bulbs, 15, 500 guitar strings, bass and violin strings; The physical therapy room has used 38,400 rolls of elastic bandages, equivalent to the distance from Beijing to guangzhou. Use 4.5 million pounds of dry ice, or about 200 million ice creams; Drink 150,000 tons of mineral water, which is the amount of water that 2,500 people will drink in their lifetime; Eating 48,000 pounds of chocolate produces the same amount of heat as 120 tons of TNT, which can produce a magnitude 4 earthquake. At the end of each performance, each actor stands in an ice bucket over his legs, bloodied in the cold and heat.

Unique Irish national treasure, Broadway ivy, world dance textbook, world tour 24 years to hold the title of the world's box office, 2018 most suitable for the whole family to watch the year-end feast, 24 years of hard waiting for the first subversion, shi tianjing, the soul shocked.

Riverdance: TheNewShow Ⅱ dances in overwhelming, must not miss the only choice!

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Riverdance: TheNewShow Ⅱ dance outrageous 2018 national tour city

Guangdong performing arts center

Zhuhai poly theater

2018.11.2-11.3 shenzhen grand theater

2018.11.6-11.7 chongqing grand theatre

2018.11.10-11.11 Qingdao grand theater

2018.11.13-11.14 changzhou grand theatre

2018.11.15-11.16 taizhou grand theater

2018.11.17-11.18 ma on shan grand theatre

2018.11.20-11.21 huaian grand theatre

2018.11.23-11.25 tianjin grand theater

2018.11.27-11.28 linyi grand theater

Huanggang huangmei opera grand theater

2018.12.1-12.2 wuhan qintai grand theater

2018.12.4-12.5 ningbo culture square grand theater

2018.12.7-12.8 shandong provincial grand theater

2018.12.9 Texas grand theatre

Henan art center

Shenyang shengjing grand theater

2018.12.18-12.19 weifang grand theatre

2018.12.21-12.23 - long Chammes The grand theater of xihu international culture and art center

2018.12.25-12.27 shaanxi grand theatre

2018.12.29 heze grand theater

Hebei province art center

2019.1.2-1.6 Beijing exhibition hall theatre

2019.1.8-1.9 yantai grand theater

Suzhou culture and art center

2019.1.15-1.16 wuxi grand theater

2019.1.18-1.20 nanjing poly theater

2019.1.22-1.27 Shanghai grand theatre

In the information

"Riverdance: TheNewShow Ⅱ dance up tide"

Performing group: Riverdance, Ireland :TheNewShow dance company

Venue: henan art center grand theater

Performance time: 19:30, dec 11-12, 2018

Ticket price: VIP1080, 880, 680, 480, 280, 180, 80 yuan

Package discount: 880*2=1500; 680 * 2 = 1200.

* children under 1.1 meters are allowed to enter the performance with full ticket

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