If life meets you '' Jiarong Lv Yu Bo Group ''Catfish couple

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" If life meets you " Jiarong Lv Yu Bo group "Catfish couple"

Recently, "If life meets you" starring Yi Sun , Jiarong Lv, and Yu Bo is being broadcast throughout the entire network. Since the launch of the show, the drama has grown steadily, and it has exceeded 1.6 billion and has continued to rise. With the deepening of the plot, the emotional line of the characters in the drama gradually became clearer. Yi Lianqi and Qin Sang finally heard each other, and Yu Bo played Li Zhongnian and Jiarong Lv played Ruan Hongyu. "Let's not see each other so that the vast number of "meats" and the mystery of the crowd's broken heart have also made the latest development.

In the latest plot, Li Chongnian and Yi Jiepei and Murong Chuan three Jun Fang valve crocodile meet on the Qishan talks, and Yan Hongyu also intends to replace Yi Lianqi on Zhishan Jian Yi Jipei, there are netizens sentimental message said, "'Catfish couple "Finally there is an opportunity to have the same frame. Shuai Li can finally eat the oil tofu that was handed in by Sui Hongyu." "This is the deepest and most anticipated set of CPs that the entire show has hidden."

Jiarong Lv's outstanding performance in the play also makes this high-value, high-emotional, high-spirited goddess of the Republic to be more elegant. Under her interpretation, you can see a strange woman in troubled times passing Chiu. Ko 's wrist, firm mind, and a heart-wrenching instinct took the time to move between the large numbers of big men. Although women are always at ease and help each other when they are in danger, they have Qin Xin's heart. The truth reveals.

In order to complete the shaping of such a charismatic persona, Jiarong Lv made his performance soft and flexible by transforming his own analysis of his character and his understanding of psychological changes. The film and television dramas that have appeared in many different themes have become a large number of audiences with their wonderful performances in " Fairview edge gorgeous adventure ", " Luck and happiness ", " SI u die Kong Wu the smiling proud wanderer " and "beauty world". The TV goddess in the eyes of fans.

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