Raquel new series' guardian angel' with wide road show bosco wong ex-wife annie liu

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Linkeddb News November 12 & have spent Recently, by the Ying Dai , Virginia Lok As chief producer, Chungshu Kai The supervision, Sap Sam Chan , scriptwriter fang shiqiang, Michael Miu , Bosco Wong , Annie Liu , Kate Tsui ,Hui Shiu - hung,, Hugo Ng , Oscar Leung , Tianlin Zhai , Jones Xu , MC Jin , Irene Wan , Raquel , Lu Hai , Xiwei Wang , Maggie Shiu ,Mimi Kung Tse - Yan, Philip Keung , Kent Tong , Nina Paw A trailer for the popular science version of the TV series "the guardian angel's insurance investigation" has been unveiled by an equal weight cast.

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Raquel goes all out to play new era 'gold digger'

The hectic pace of the story, the quickness and the quickness of the doubt, and the conviction that justice is right, bring the industry of insurance investigators to life. As can be seen from the trailer, the show strives to combine the trendy industrial drama with the popular hot blood. Between the thrilling action drama and the mysterious detective drama, the insurance investigator's industry and career image are deeply imprinted in the audience's mind.

In the show, the post-90s young tsing yi Raquel is cast as a new era gold digger who advocates avant-garde fashion. People also ask Baby, 22, is friends with insurance investigator bai tianming, played by Bosco Wong. After the couple split up, People also ask baby to become an ex, and later, with her teenage brother Hugo Ng, she indirectly becomes Annie Liu's "stepmother."

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Raquel will return as' queen of triads' in new guise

First Bosco Wong's ex-girlfriend, later Annie Liu's "stepmother", falls in love with "big brother" Hugo Ng. Raquel will appear on the screen as "queen of triads" again. Y u Z UI In the film, she is the queen of triads, a gentle and beautiful woman with profound inner thoughts. queen of triads In the novel, she is the representative of zolan queen of triads, a feminist rising through twists and turns.

Raquel's new take on the "love and hate" queen of triads People also ask baby in his new series, "keeping watch." And a recent movie that went on the Internet called The richest man in xilong For the first time, Raquel also challenges the comedic role of the villain in the film, in which she plays the "cold and silly big sister". Salsa She can be pure, goddess, tender, heroic, positive, tough and good. Every type of role can be put in and out of control, with diversity in appearance and outstanding performance.

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