Cheng yi (actor)' jiangshan ji's debut poster portrays young zhu di

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Cheng Yi (actor)《< a data - id = Jiangshan Ji . JPG "title ="< a data - id ="person-161911" href="/person/59fa7bfd18521569b66c2dd5/">Cheng Yi (actor)Jiangshan Ji. JPG "/>

Linkeddb News November 8Recently, by the< a data - id ="person-74463" href="/person/59fa728c18521569b6635e60/"> Gao Xixi Directed,< a data - id ="person-171648" href="/person/59fa7e4f18521569b66dbccc/"> Feng Shaofeng ,< a data - id ="person-173960" href="/person/59fa7fd818521569b66eb114/"> Chen Baoguo ,< a data - id ="person-24639" href="/person/59fa6f3a18521569b6601d03/"> Zhang Fengyi Cheng Yi (actor) starred in the first character concept poster of the epic historical drama Jiangshan Ji.Cheng Yi (actor)is a school of royal noble, longpao, boastful, you see a bright, young zhu di of the heroic posture, royal vigor show incisively and vividly.Cheng Yi (actor)'s latest ancient costume has attracted the attention of fans as soon as it was exposed.

The drama Jiangshan Ji tells the story of zhu di, the fourth son of the Ming dynasty's founding emperor zhu yuanzhang, who grew up to become a competent military commander and mature politician after years of fighting on the battlefield.Cheng Yi (actor)plays zhu di's childhood. In the grand hall where the prince read, he was the most famous "devil king", mischievous four; In the barracks, he was the most valiant royal soldier. When the other three princes were tortured, he was the only one who took great delight in martial arts, even when he was beaten. The image of the demon king and the military commander was highly expected. Jiangshan Ji is the successor of Cheng Yi (actor)< a data - id ="movie-106142" href="/tv/59ed580f1d69eb002947dfff/"> Qingyun Zhi ","< a data - id ="movie-112443" href="/tv/ieDzRTkWMJ/"> Chanos Later, another ancient costume drama, qingyi (actor) in qingyi Zhi (Qingyun Zhi), with a long sword in hand, has made a great impression on the audience. This time in "Jiangshan Ji"Cheng Yi (actor)is the emperor's robe appearance, the dignity is not to lose magnanimity, the play whenCheng Yi (actor)once issued a text "Jiangshan Ji, kill! Boy, see you on the battlefield! Accompanied by a black and white photographs of the battlefield, the armor can be seen, the air of a different hormone burst.

In addition to the TV series "Jiangshan Ji", the ancient costume palace emotional moment system "Chanos" starring Cheng Yi (actor), the tomb raiding series "the magic tree of qinling mountain" and "underwater sand in the sea" also entered the tense post-production stage. In "the magic tree of qinling mountain" and "diving into the sand in the raging sea", he is the "tomb raider god" zhang qiling with cool eyes and cool temperament. His characters are not the same, and many dramas are ready to start, expectingCheng Yi (actor)to show a new performance.

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