Wang Baoqiang Divorce case second hearing Ma Rong "I'm here"

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Wang Baoqiang The second trial of the divorce case Ma Rong “I arrived” At noon on June 15th, Ma Rong sung a picture of the door of the Third Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing in Weibo. She also said in a text: "I'm here." Wang Qihuai's lawyer Zhang Qihuai also published the relevant content on the evening of June 14. It is reported that this is the second trial of the divorce case between Ma Rong and Wang Baoqiang.


Ma Rong Weibo

On the afternoon of February 11, Wang Baoqiang v. Ma Rong's divorce case and Ma Rong v.Wang Baoqiang's honorary right case were held in a private court in Beijing Chaoyang Court and were sentenced in court. Wang Baoqiang The divorce case verdict resolved the marriage relationship between the two parties, and from the perspective of benefiting the healthy development of the children, it was ruled that the legitimate child was raised by Wang Baoqiang and the legitimate child was raised by Ma Rong; Ma Rong's honorary rights case found that Wang Baoqiang did not constitute reputational infringement. The first instance verdict rejected Ma Rong's claim.


Zhang Qihuai Weibo

After the verdict of Ma Rong and Wang Baoqiang's divorce case was settled, Ma Rong had repeatedly issued an article expressing his dissatisfaction with the result of the appeal. After the verdict in the divorce case, Ma Rong also sued for a review of the company’s relevant accounts and financial reports on the ground that he was an anonymous shareholder of Wang Baoqiang’s holding company.


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