Yang Liping's husband Yang Liping's unfortunate marriage history

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In China, which dancer has made the most achievements? If someone votes for Yang Liping , there should be a lot of support. When she mentions Yang Liping, her most representative work is "Peacock Dance." Of course, everyone is concerned about Yang Liping's emotional life. So who is Yang Liping's first husband? After reading this article, you will know.

 Yang Liping

Yang Liping's profile

Chinese Name: Yang Liping

Nationality: Chinese

Nationality: Bai

Birthplace: Yunnan Wuyuan

Date of birth: November 10, 1958

Occupation: Dance Artist

Major Achievements: First Prize in the Second National Dance Competition

Yang Liping was born in Yunnan in 1958. He is a native of Baiyuan, Wuyuan. He loves dancing since childhood. In 1971, he entered the Xishuangbanna Song and Dance Ensemble. Nine years later, he was transferred to the Central National Song and Dance Ensemble and was known as the "Peacock Dance." In 1992, she performed dance in Taiwan on behalf of mainland China.

In 1994, the solo dance "The Spirit of the Wing" won the gold medal of the 20th century dance classics of the Chinese nation. In 2003, Yang Liping was the chief editor and star of the original ecological song and dance "Yunnan Map". In 2009, he directed and starred in "Yunnan Image", a companion book "The Sound of Yunnan", and succeeded. In the 2012 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, she danced to "Love of the Birds" to show her poetic style.

 Yang Liping

In 1988, Yang Liping was transferred to the Central National Song and Dance Troupe. Because of her good dance foundation, she became a pillar of the regiment. Yang Liping's first husband was also a dancer. He was a very talented person in their group. Her husband had planned many dance works for her. Strangely enough, the media rarely reported the ex-husband of Yang Liping. Many of them even could not find the name of Yang Liping's ex-husband. Afterwards, they all found it inappropriate for each other. In the end, Yang Liping ended his first marriage.

In 1990, Yang Liping soloed "The Spirit of the Wing", which became known as the top dance performer in China. Yang Liping's graceful dance attracted the attention of a Chinese in the United States who was called Liu Yuqing. Liu Lanqing was born in a commercial family in Taiwan. In the spring of 1995, the two held a romantic wedding. The good times did not last long. The two divorced quickly and Liu Lanqing returned to Taiwan after the divorce.

Yang Liping's current husband is a compatriot from the United States. He is very tall. He has a visual measure of 1.8 meters. His scalding hair is left on his shoulders and he wears a pair of glasses. The appearance looks very gentle. The American compatriots are eight years older than Yang Liping. Tony 's appearance looks rather artistic and he occasionally carries a little tone of Taiwan. Tony's dress looks like he is doing art. In fact, he is a businessman, not an artist at all.

Yang Liping went to a friend's birthday party when he was 32 years old and heard a loud exclamation from behind him. Yang Liping turned around and a burly man smiled and looked at her with a polite smile. He met the American compatriot Liu Yuqing.

Liu Yuqing has long been deeply impressed with Yang Liping. When he was still doing business in the United States, he had already paid close attention to Yang Liping. Now he has done business domestically. He has run a restaurant in Beijing that combines catering, accommodation, and entertainment. He also met Yang Liping by chance, and God gave it to him. With such a good opportunity, he naturally will not give up and pursue Yang Liping.

In 1995, the two held a romantic wedding. In the first few years of marriage, Yang Liping was still obsessed with dancing, and after a period of failed marriage, she was close to middle age and she was focused on dancing. Do not intend to have children.

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